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Metin Guvener

Founding Chairman

The Salon

London, UK

Metin Guvener
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Metin Guvener’s Biography

Metin Guvener is the Founding Chairman of The Salon.

Metin has evolved throughout his career, creating and adding value in accordance with his self-reflective, philosophical, entrepreneurial and philanthropic values. As ever, but especially relevant today, is the need for dialogue and reflection. Metin has always believed that reflection brings realisation. With this comes transformation, which in turn causes the emergence of a powerful resonance, both within us and in our interaction with others. Behind every resonance is a set of tools that culminate into a pragmatic and useful toolbox built over time and developed with each experience.

Metin has had an illustrious career integrating value as a founder, co-founder and investor through boutique platforms in financial services, real estate, private equity, hospitality, asset management and thought leadership.

Through his passion for connecting visions and enabling missions, and through a symphony of entrepreneurship, Metin enjoys bringing people of multiple generations together to appreciate their collective heritage, capacity for innovation and value-driven succession.

As becomes evident with time, increased awareness positively correlates to our appreciation of how little it is we “know for certain”. As such, collaboration is necessary to pool our collective perspectives and resources. The Salon is founded with a belief in a mutual ability for empowerment based on increasing awareness and broadening horizons through innovative and authentic collaboration, whereby each vision, value and voice is heard.

Carrying this spirit with him, he continues to participate and collaborate with leading forums, conferences and thought leadership platforms.

Most recently, these have included:

• The Salon | Leadership Circle
• Impact 17+1 Club | iTalk
• The FT Wealth Summit
• KPMG Family Office Network
• The Horasis Global Community
• Camden Wealth
• Prestel & Partner

Metin’s Background

The Salon
Founding Chairman
2018 - Present
Derived from the great historical importance as the theatres of conversation and exchange, the modern-day Salon reignites the best elements from the ‘age of conversation’ blending it with a mixture of academic, entrepreneurial, cultural and philanthropic topics courting ‘business and purpose’ together through a series of high-level events focused on Thought Leadership, Innovation & Impact.