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Marco D'Arro


Quercus Real Assets
London, UK
11 Mar 2023

Keto Real by Marco D'Arro is revolutionizing the fitness world with a holistic approach to nutrition

Marco D'Arro, who splits his time between Dubai and London, is an Italian and British investment banking veteran with a passion for fitness and innovation. 

9 Mar 2023

Marco D'Arro is set to revolutionise the wellness industry with his unique and nutritious products

Marco d'Arro, an Italian businessman who bisects his time between London and Dubai, is the creator of Keto Real and credits the Keto diet with changing his life. 

2 Aug 2022 | PR Newswire

Quercus completes capital raising for its innovative PV Development Bond

Marco d’Arro, founder of Real Asset Group, joined forces with Quercus President Diego Biasi in 2020 to form Quercus Real Assets.

16 Jul 2021 | Markets Insider

Quercus, 800 MW Spanish PV portfolio in the market

In January 2020, Quercus' Chairman, Diego Biasi, embarked on Phase Two, with a revised investment strategy following the evolution of the market environment and also joined forces with Marco D'Arrò, founder of the Real Asset Group, a capital advisory firm having advised and arranged €3.6bn of gross investments since its inception in 2013 and became Quercus Real Assets.

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