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Marc’s News Archive

The News Archive for Marc Butler

Marc’s News Archive

The News Archive for Marc Butler

Marc Butler

Chief Operating Officer & Financial Services Professional

Washington, DC, USA
13 Apr 2021 | Skience

Skience Continues Expansion of Leadership Team with Appointment of Chris Zuczek

Skience's leadership team grows as Marc welcomes Chris Zuczek as Chief Product Officer.

11 Mar 2021 |

Skience Seeks to End Manual Client Repapering

Marc Butler shares information about the Advisor Transitions Solution, a Skience digital toolset that allows advisors to move from one wealth management corporation to another, bringing client assets and accounts with them.

20 Aug 2020

Financial Services Technology Leader Skience Appoints Marc Butler as President and COO

Marc Butler is named as the President and Chief Operating Officer of Skience to oversee the company's business and technology teams.