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Makar Paseniuk

Founding Partner

Kyiv, UA
30 Apr 2020 | London Loves Business

Ukraine’s GDP may contract 6 to 8 percent in 2020 according to Makar Paseniuk, Founding Partner of I

In an interview with London Loves Business, Makar Paseniuk, Founding Partner at ICU discusses his views on Ukraine's economy and what will become of it due to the current crisis.

17 Apr 2020

IMF support is imperative in light of current Covid-19 crises says Makar Paseniuk

In an interview with Business Matters, Makar Paseniuk, Founding Partner of ICU discusses the global economic outlook due to coronavirus and says "Emerging and developed-nation companies alike face disrupted supply chains and virtual or quarantined workforces amongst other uncertainties. Ukraine has a debt-burdened frontier economy heavily reliant on external financing, commodity exports and remittances; and as such, it is particularly vulnerable to such events, especially since it’s grappling with several domestic issues."

27 Nov 2019

Makar Paseniuk and Oleksandr Kravchenko are appointed to the Board of Directors of Kyiv School of...

...Economics. Two new members were appointed to the Board of Directors of Kyiv School of Economics during the annual Board of Directors meeting – Makar Paseniuk, founder of the ICU Group, and Oleksandr Kravchenko, partner at McKinsey & Company.

12 Nov 2019

Attracting foreign direct investment remains a key task for Ukraine to accelerate economic growth...

...says Makar Paseniuk, ICU. Favourable financial markets and positive investor perceptions of macroeconomic and political stability provide Ukraine with good opportunities to accelerate economic growth commented Makar Paseniuk, founding partner at ICU. He added that against the backdrop of the changing international trade landscape, the toolbox of growth stimulation measures and a relatively low base of GDP, the country is able to boost growth, strengthen its competitive position and occupy new market niches. However, Makar Paseniuk stressed that in order to stimulate sustainable growth, the country needs to intensify its efforts to attract foreign direct investment.

1 Nov 2019

Ukraine is bursting into 2020 with confidence says ICU's Makar Paseniuk

The progress made by Ukraine in 2019 should not be overlooked says Makar Paseniuk, founding partner at Ukraine's leading asset manager ICU. And this has put it on a steady path to improve further in 2020. He points to GDP real growth is staying within the robust 3-4% range, while the current-account deficit as a percentage of GDP has been hovering at the relatively safe 2.5-3% range.

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