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The News Archive for Konstantin Sidorov

Konstantin’s News Archive

The News Archive for Konstantin Sidorov

Konstantin Sidorov

Founder & CEO

London Technology Club
London, UK
13 Mar 2023

UK tech groups cheer SVB rescue deal for saving thousands of ‘anxious’ start-ups

Konstantin Sidorov, CEO of the London Technology Club, said that the rescue deal marked a “pivotal moment” for the UK as a major global tech and science hub.

2 Feb 2023

London Technology Club welcomes its 100th member

Konstantin Sidorov, Founder and CEO, London Technology Club, said“LTC is fast becoming the leading community for sophisticated investors to access high growth tech companies, and we are delighted to welcome Adam Norris, CEO and Founder of Pure Electric, as our 100th member."

29 Apr 2022 | LUX magazine

Inside Konstantin Sidorov’s London Technology Club

The London Technology Club is a space where tech professionals and investors can exchange ideas and network. Konstantin Sidorov speaks to Samantha Welsh of LUX magazine about the advantages of bringing people together so that they can establish important relationships.

19 Apr 2022 | Business Leader

London Technology Club launches $40m fund aimed at fast-growth tech companies

London Technology Club’s Founder and CEO, Konstantin Sidorov, was quoted in Business Leader magazine.

4 Apr 2022 | City AM

London tech investors launch £30m AI and fintech fund

Founder, Chief Executive and General Partner at London Technology ClubKonstantin Sidorov, was quoted in City AM.

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