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Kevin’s News Archive

The News Archive for Kevin Chin

Kevin’s News Archive

The News Archive for Kevin Chin

Kevin Chin

Founder & CEO

London, UK
13 Jan 2022 | UNSW

Arowana CEO Kevin Chin: why impact investment makes business sense

Kevin Chin, CEO of Arowana, is interviewed for an article by UNSW Business School. He discusses several topics including impact investment, his career and how he became an impact investor, and business opportunities in renewable energy.

9 Jan 2022 | Real Leaders

200 Top Impact Companies To Inspire Your Success In 2022

Arowana has been named as one of the top 50 leading impact companies in the world at the global Real Leaders Impact Awards 2022.

7 Nov 2021 | Impact Investor

Energy transition pioneer Kevin Chin: green hydrogen will power the future

In an interview with Impact Investor, energy transition pioneer Kevin Chin discusses green hydrogen.

21 Oct 2021 | GlobalNewswire

VivoPower International PLC Announces UAE Expansion

GlobalNewswire reports on VivoPower International PLC's recent announcement of UAE expansion.

17 Aug 2021 | Businesswire

Arowana wins Three Gold Stevie Awards at the 2021 International Business Awards

Kevin Chin, Chairman of Arowana is mentioned in an article by Businesswire regarding Arowana's three Gold Stevie Awards, awarded to them at the 2021 International Business Awards. Arowana alongside Kevin won the Most Innovative Company of the Year, Achievement in Organization, and Chairman of the Year.

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