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Kavita’s News Archive

The News Archive for Kavita Gupta

Kavita Gupta

Founder & General Partner

Delta Blockchain Fund
New York, NY, USA
14 Nov 2023 | Gowanus Lounge

Kavita Gupta’s Stellar Journey: From Raising $50M to Leading Delta Blockchain Fund to New Heights

Sylvia Sanchez explores Kavita Gupta's story and says it is not just a wonderful individual success story but also provides a blueprint for aspiring investors and entrepreneurs in the blockchain arena.

26 Oct 2023 |

Top investors remain bullish on web3 despite crypto winter

Kavita Gupta, Founder and General Partner of Delta Blockchain Fund, was part of a panel of top blockchain investors at the European Blockchain Convention who were optimistic about the future of web3.

12 Oct 2023 | Bloomberg

PayPal Expects New PYUSD Stablecoin Use Throughout DeFi Ecosystem

Kavita Gupta joins "Bloomberg Technology" to discuss the significance of PayPal becoming the first major US financial institution to introduce its own Stablecoin. 

3 Oct 2023 | Bloomberg

Venture Capitalist Kavita Gupta Details How the Investing Landscape has Changed Since FTX Collapse

Kavita Gupta explains that VC funds have become more cautious after the FTX fiasco. Moreover, investors have increased dilegince about treasury management and fund utilization, she added, also stating that the FTX trial will set a judiciary precedent for the global crypto industry.

15 Mar 2023 | Bloomberg

Signature Bank Singled Out by Regulators: Kavita Gupta

Kavita Gupta, Delta Blockchain Fund founder, says Signature Bank has been a politicized target of regulators because of its exposure to crypto.

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