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Jonty’s News Archive

The News Archive for Jonty Kelt

Jonty’s News Archive

The News Archive for Jonty Kelt

Jonty Kelt

Founder, Fantail Ventures

Auckland, NZ | New York, US
Auckland, NZ | New York, US
10 Jul 2018

ECOMI is bringing Licensed and Brand-name Collectables to Blockchain Technology: Interview with Davi

...significant in helping ECOMI achieve its vision. Jonty Kelt – Jonty is an investor in 30 early-stage companies out of his venture fund, Fantail Ventures and works at Silicon Valley-based data and analytics firm Palantir Technologies.

21 Jun 2018

ECOMI Advisors: Introducing Jonty Kelt

The ECOMI team is happy to introduce Jonty Kelt, the founder of Faintail Ventures and executive at Palantir Technologies, as one of the key members of the ECOMI advisory board.

13 Oct 2016

Valocity appoints ex-pat tech heavyweight to Board

Valocity, New Zealand’s first locally-built digital property valuation platform, has appointed New York-based technology start-up entrepreneur, Jonty Kelt. “Valocity has an exciting future ahead, and I am looking forward to helping evolve the company with innovative thinking as well as facilitating access to influential global networks that will take it next level."