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The News Archive for Jessica Ehrlich

Jessica’s News Archive

The News Archive for Jessica Ehrlich

Jessica Ehrlich

Business and Communications Executive

Atlanta, GA, USA
12 May 2021

Guide to Getting a Divorce in Florida

Family Attorney Jessica Ehrlich advises on how to navigate divorce, sharing what individuals need to know about their responsibilities and rights in the State of Floria.

19 Nov 2020 | Sky News

Who will stay? The Trump administration's "dominoes" are falling until the inauguration date

Former Democratic candidate for the US House of Representatives Jessica Ehrlich told Sky News Arabia, "Trump is expelling those who do not prove their loyalty to him personally, and he expelled [Chris] Krebs because he told the truth about the integrity of the elections, and it contradicted Trump's statements and desires."

12 Nov 2020 | Sky News

Why was Fauci's name missing from Biden's team list to confront Corona?

Democratic strategist Jessica Ehrlich said in an interview with Sky News Arabia that because Fauci is currently working on Trump's team, it would be "inappropriate" for Biden to appoint him to his advisory board during.