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Hassan’s News Archive

The News Archive for Hassan Jameel

Hassan’s News Archive

The News Archive for Hassan Jameel

Hassan Jameel

Deputy President & Vice Chairman

Abdul Latif Jameel
Jeddah, SA
Abdul Latif Jameel
29 May 2022 | Arab News

Jameel Fund launches round 2 of research on coronaviruses

Community Jameel Vice Chairman Hassan Jameel said that empowering Saudi researchers and scientists to pursue their own projects will allow them to find ground-breaking ways to respond to critical health challenges.

9 May 2022 | Arab News

Abdul Latif Jameel Motors leads in customer experience

Hassan Jameel, Chairman of the Board of Managers of Abdul Latif Jameel Motors, is quoted in this article by Arab News regarding the recent announcement that the company has been awarded the “Gold Award” by Toyota Motor Corporation for a record 11th year in a row.

8 May 2022 | Arab News

Saudi Arabia gives wings to urban air mobility

Hassan is quoted in this article regarding Saudia Arabia's aviation industry in this article by Arab News.

29 Mar 2022 | The Boss Magazine

How Visionary Leader Hassan Jameel Steers With Purpose

The Boss Magazine reports on Hassan Jameel, Deputy President & Vice Chairman of Abdul Latif Jameel, and his passion for mobility and digitization.

24 Mar 2022 | ABC Money

How Hassan Jameel Is Reinventing a “75-Year-Old Start-up” With Digitization Strategies

Hassan Jameel is mentioned in this article by ABC Money regarding his plans to future-proof Abdul Latif Jameel through data and digitalization.

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