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Fahad AlSharekh

Managing Partner

TechInvest Corporation
Kuwait City, KW
6 Jun 2020 | Finance Corner by FinFirst

“Every bank needs to move into fintech”: Fahad AlSharekh, Founder of TechInvest

Fahad AlSharekh, Managing Partner of TechInvest speaks to Finfirst about fintech, he says "In Kuwait, the tech market has long been developed due to the entrepreneurial nature of Kuwaitis and the fact that it’s a free market; we have three telcos and five other ISP providers. On top of that, we’re generally early adopters. With a lot of the apps that blow up — such as Snapchat, Twitter and WhatsApp — the growth in Kuwait is always first."

5 Jan 2020

Fahad AlSharekh: Changing the Game

TechInvest was founded in 2015 to provide an opportunity for Middle East investors to obtain exposure to private investment opportunities in the technology sector...Fahad AlSharekh, Managing Partner of TechInvest Corporation, has over 21 years’ experience in global business development, with expertise and specialization in the IT and VC field.

25 Jun 2019

Future of Kuwaiti economy under the microscope at London event

Fahad AlSharekh, discussing the need to create more private-sector jobs, stated that, “The biggest problem is a lack of meaningful jobs. An accountant in the public sector will be doing relatively the same thing as an accountant in the private sector. But if we can create more niche, meaningful jobs, such as digital marketing or branding roles, which do not exist in the public sector, we can encourage more people into the private sector.”

4 Apr 2018

Sovereign funds will manage USD 15 trillion in 2020

“Sustainability is the focal point of the sovereign funds,” said Fahad Al Sharekh, from Kuwait, managing partner of investment company Techinvest.