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Ewan’s News Archive

The News Archive for Ewan Kirk

Ewan’s News Archive

The News Archive for Ewan Kirk

Ewan Kirk

Founder & Chair

Turner Kirk Trust
Cambridge, UK
11 Feb 2021 | Regulatory News Service

BAE Systems announces non-executive director appointments

Ewam Kirk is mentioned by the Regulatory News Service (RNS), the London Stock Exchange's news service, regarding the announcement of Ewan joining the board of BAE Systems as a Non-Executive Director.

1 Feb 2021 | Management Today

Why you don’t always want to hire ‘the best’

Ewan Kirk, founder of Cantab Capital Partners, is mentioned in Management Today regarding his experience in recruiting employees and why the 'best' may not be the most effective.

31 Jul 2020 | Business Insider

The 24 quant power players driving the future of hedge funds, from well-known billionaire... under-the-radar data chiefs. President of GAM Systematic Cantab, Ewan Kirk is mentioned and recognised in Business Insider as a quant power player helping to guide the future of the hedge fund industry.

19 Jul 2020 | Wired by Condé Nast

Even the Best AI Models Are No Match for the Coronavirus

Ewan Kirk, President of GAM Systematic Cantab, is mentioned in Wired and said " But these relationships have held true for decades, they broke down for a couple of months. Does this mean that they will never work again? Seems unlikely.”

3 Mar 2020 | Financial Times

Don’t believe the hype about AI and fund management

Ewan Kirk, President of GAM Systematic writes for The Financial Times regarding AI and investment management.

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