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Emma’s News Archive

The News Archive for Emma Sinclair

Emma’s News Archive

The News Archive for Emma Sinclair

Emma Sinclair

CEO & Co-Founder

New York, NY, USA
23 May 2022 | Vogue

Mulberry and Harrods to back Ukraine refugee scheme

Emma Sinclair MBE is coordinator of the scheme, and also CEO and co-founder of recruitment software Enterprise Alumni, and an advisor to G7 and UNICEF.

28 Mar 2022 | Financial Times

UK companies join scheme helping Ukrainian refugees find jobs

The scheme is the brainchild of the British entrepreneur Emma Sinclair MBE.

16 Mar 2022 | Vogue

All refugees need fashion's support

Emma Sinclair MBE, co-founder and CEO of Enterprise Alumni, has organised a coalition of businesses, including M&S and ASOS, to employ Ukrainian refugees.

15 Mar 2022 | The Daily Mail

More than 100 British businesses offer jobs to Ukrainian refugees

Emma Sinclair, Chief Executive of Enterprise Alumni, came up with the scheme to help refugees fleeing from war in Ukraine find work in the UK.

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