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The News Archive for Elisa Massimino

Elisa Massimino

Executive Director

Human Rights Institute | Georgetown University Law Center
Washington, DC, USA
14 Apr 2021 | Center for American Progress

Reel Progress: ‘Do Not Split’

Elisa Massimino, Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, took part in a Reel Progress discussion of the Oscar-nominated documentary “Do Not Split.” The documentary begins in 2019 as a proposed bill allowing the Chinese government to extradite criminal suspects to mainland China escalated protests throughout Hong Kong. Reel Progress is the progressive film series sponsored by the Center for American Progress

9 Dec 2020 | Center for American Progress

A Rights-Centered Paradigm for Protecting the Forcibly Displaced

In this report, Elisa Massimino, Robert F. Drinan, S.J., Chair in Human Rights at Georgetown University Law Center, and co-author Alexandra Schmitt discuss how a human rights-focused approach to the global refugee crisis can more effectively protect displaced people. Building upon ideas put forth by The Center for American Progress and U.N. refugee agency, they provide an outline in which governments should take a more comprehensive approach to the protection of people forcibly displaced in order to safeguard human dignity and build a safer, more secure world.

30 Oct 2020 | Just Security

A Radically (Modest) Bureaucratic Proposal to Strengthen Democracy & Human Rights at Home and Abroad

In this report for Just Security, Elisa Massimino , Drinan Chair in Human Rights at Georgetown University Law Center, and co-author Rob Berschinski discuss the need to reform the bureaucratic structures in the federal government in order to enact significant policy changes, notably in the areas of human rights and foreign diplomacy.


10 Apr 2020

A Migrant Model To Follow: Portugal’s Response to the Coronavirus

In this article written for the Center for American ProgressElisa Massimino and Co-author Alexandra Schmitt discuss the significant progress that Portugal has made in its Coronoavirus response. In a time when most countries are excluding and marginalizing immigrants, the authors say, Portugal is "exemplifying a smart, pragmatic policy that both respects the rights and dignity of all people and helps minimize spread of the virus." A government order that will remain in effect until at least July 1 ensures that all those have applied for immigration status will be treated as permanent residents, receving access to the national health service, welfare benefits, bank accounts, and work and rental contracts. 

13 Jan 2020

Elisa Massimino To Join the Center for American Progress as Senior Fellow Focusing on Human Rights

The Center for American Progress announced today that Elisa Massimino is joining the organization’s National Security and International Policy team as a senior fellow focusing on human rights.For more than three decades, Massimino has been one of the nation’s foremost human rights advocates and a recognized authority on human rights law and policy. She spent 27 years with Human Rights First, including a decade as the organization’s president and CEO.