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Darin Feinstein

Founder and Chairman

Core Scientific

Austin, TX, USA

Darin Feinstein
Jennifer Fearon
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Karl Feitelberg
Sterling Resources, Ltd.

Darin Feinstein’s Biography

Darin Feinstein is the Founder and Chairman of Core Scientific, a pioneer in customizable infrastructure and software solutions for blockchain and AI. With state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge technology and first-class blockchain hosting solutions, Core Scientific powers leading-edge servers for large-scale operations and complex deep-learning AI challenges. Darin also served as the Founder & Executive Chairman of Blockcap, one of the largest digital asset mining companies in North America. Core Scientific and Blockcap merged in 2021 and continue to operate as Core Scientific, Inc.

Darin's past experiences have played a crucial role in maintaining the efficiency and ambition that have driven Blockcap and Core Scientific to success. With a strong foundation built by industry veterans, Core Scientific seeks to grow by diversifying its operations and acquiring blockchain assets in emerging geographic areas important to the digital asset space. Core Scientific also operates digital treasury assets and venture investments.

Outside of the blockchain space, Darin operates numerous businesses in the food and entertainment industries. He is the owner of Black Star Investments, which has an impressive portfolio of companies including several Fatburger restaurant locations in Las Vegas. He also founded Red Mercury Entertainment, a company that runs Las Vegas entertainment venues, including the Tropicana Hotel & Casino.

Darin supports many charitable nonprofits, such as The Shade Tree Organization and SafeNest, organizations focused on helping victims of domestic abuse. The Feinstein & Griffin Foundation, co-founded by Darin, upholds the mission of making college education more widely accessible by providing resources for people from all backgrounds. He has served on numerous boards, including the Nevada Restaurant Association, which provides networking and resources to rising business leaders in Nevada, and Southwestern Law School, where he earned his JD.

Darin’s Newsfeed

Core Scientific, a major U.S. bitcoin mining company, is going public via SPAC

Core Scientific’s “blockchain infrastructure business is unparalleled, backed by more than 70 blockchain and infrastructure-related patents and applications,” said Darin Feinstein, Co-founder & Co-chairman, and Founder & Executive Chairman of Blockcap Inc.

Markets Insider
Blockcap Joins Leading Digital Asset Firms in Announcing Bitcoin Mining Council

Blockcap, Inc., one of North America's largest blockchain technology companies, announced it has joined the Bitcoin Mining Council (BMC). "Blockcap is proud to join this voluntary effort by top firms in the digital asset technology space to raise awareness of the benefits of the Bitcoin Network and the opportunity it creates for almost eight billion individuals to have access to property rights in what amounts to financial autonomy,"  Darin Feinstein, CEO & Executive Chairman of Blockcap, said. 

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Darin’s Background

Core Scientific
Founder and Chairman
Jan 2017 - Present
Bellevue, WA, USA
Core Scientific commits itself to becoming the leading provider of AI and Blockchain to support the best software and infrastructure services. Core Scientific believes that Blockchain and AI will change the methods in which information is stored and shared in a changing market, and it aims to be at the forefront of innovation and emerging solutions.
Blockcap Inc
Founder & Executive Chairman
Mar 2020 - Jun 2021
Austin, TX, USA
Blockcap Inc., founded in 2020 by veterans in the blockchain industry, is a leading digital asset miner based in Austin, Texas. Alongside its focus on Bitcoin network transactions, Blockcap also operates digital treasury assets and venture investment departments.
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Previous Board Positions

Nevada Restaurant Association
Board of Directors
Las Vegas, NV, USA
Ever since its founding in 1982, the Nevada Restaurant Association commits itself to the area's rising restaurant industry by providing networking opportunities for members as well as providing training and workplace development.
Southwestern Law School
Board of Directors
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Located in Los Angeles, Southwestern Law School is accredited by American Bar Association that offers a variety of JD programs for its students.


Feinstein & Griffin Foundation
Las Vegas, NV, USA
The Feinstein & Griffin Foundation, founded by Darin Feinstein and Eddie Griffin, is a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide college opportunities for children and adults by expanding their availability to resources after completing a secondary degree. The Foundation's mission is to make learning and college education more readily available to students from all backgrounds.
The Shade Tree Organization
Las Vegas, NV, USA
The Shade Tree's mission is to provide safe shelter for abused and homeless women and children. The organization commits itself to ensuring privacy and protection for those in need of a safe place to live from violence or homelessness.
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Bitcoin Mining Council Q2 2021 Briefing
Jul 2021
Darin Feinstein and the Bitcoin Mining Council discuss the current trends and practices of mining Bitcoin, while also answering important questions on sustainable energy, energy uses, the importance of infrastructure and efficiency factors, among other topics.
With its HQ now in Austin, bitcoin mining startup Blockcap plans to hire 30 to 80 employees
Apr 2021
Austin, TX, USA
"We will continue to be very active in regards to our mergers and acquisitions department," Darin Feinstein wrote. "As our company enters into more products and services, we plan on growing and expanding into multiple arenas depending on market conditions and timing. We’re obviously very bullish on the economy here in Texas, and are definitely looking into acquisitions in the state."
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Charitable Interests

Adelson Educational Campus
Las Vegas, NV, USA
Founded in 1980, Adelson Educational Campus is an independent Jewish school in Las Vegas. The schools offers intensive college and career prep programs and alongside its commitment to Jewish values and beliefs.
VGK Center of Excellence
Las Vegas, NV, USA
The Vegas Golden Knights (VGK) Center of Excellence is a Las Vegas-based US Figure Skating Club focused on improving the enjoyment of skating as well as advancing athletes' skills.
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Darin’s Education

Southwestern University
Juris Doctor
1995 - 1998
The University of Arizona
BS | Accounting
1993 - 1995