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Claudio Grossman

Professor of Law and Dean Emeritus

American University Washington College of Law

Washington, DC, USA

Claudio Grossman


Claudio Grossman is Professor of Law at American University, Washington College of Law (WCL) and the Raymond Geraldson Scholar for International and Humanitarian Law. He served as Dean from 1995 to 2016, after which he returned to the faculty. He was appointed Dean Emeritus by American University's Board of Trustees in recognition of over two decades of dedication and distinction. During Professor Grossman's tenure as dean, WCL pursued numerous exciting initiatives further developing its intellectual creativity. WCL is consistently ranked within the top 10 schools for clinical legal education, intellectual property, international law & trial advocacy in addition to being one of the most diverse law schools in the country.

Professor Grossman is consistently recognized as one of the top 25 influential people in legal education, contributing to the rule of law and human rights in the US and abroad. In 2016, he was elected to the UN International Law Commission for a five-year term and previously served as a member (2003-2015) and chair (2008-2015) of the UNCAT. In May 2010 he was appointed to the RFK Board of Directors. Since 2014, he serves as President of the Inter-American Institute for Human Rights since 2015.

Professor Grossman's career also includes extensive litigation experience presenting or deciding landmark cases in the Inter-American system, including Aloeboetoe et al v. Suriname, Velázquez-Rodríguez v. Honduras, and Tingni v. Nicaragua, among others. He also recently served as Agent for Chile in Obligation to Negotiate (Bolivia v Chile) from 2016-2018 and as Co-Agent from 2013-2016 before the ICJ. In 2019, he was elected Associate Member of the Institut de Droit International.

Professor Grossman is the author of numerous publications. For a complete listing, see the Publications section below.

Claudio Grossman’s Newsfeed

American University
Professor Claudio Grossman Awarded 2020 Goler T. Butcher Medal

Professor and Dean Emeritus Claudio Grossman has been awarded the 2020 Goler T. Butcher Medal by the American Society of International Law (ASIL). The Medal was presented by ASIL President Catherine Amirfar in recognition of Grossman's outstanding contributions to the development and effective realization of international human rights law.

2020 American Society of International Law Virtual Annual Meeting

Claudio Grossman, Professor of Law and Dean Emeritus of American University Washington College of Law, will be a Keynote Speaker at The American Society of International Law’s first-ever Virtual Annual Meeting taking place on June 25-26, 2020. Registration is free for students. 

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Claudio Grossman’s Background

Professor of Law and Dean Emeritus
1985 - Present
Washington, DC, USA
Founded in 1896 by two pioneering women, the college continues to build upon this tradition of inclusive excellence by offering an exemplary professional education featuring top programs in clinical legal education, international law, trial advocacy, intellectual property, law & government and many more. Professor Grossman became Dean in 1985 and Dean Emeritus in 2016.

Previous Board Positions

Board Member
2014 - Jan 2017
Washington, DC, USA
The mission of the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative is to promote justice, economic opportunity and human dignity through the rule of law.
2003 - 2015
The Committee Against Torture (CAT) is the body of 10 independent experts that monitors implementation of the Convention against Torture & Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment by its State parties. Professor Grossman was chair between 2008 - 2015 and vice chair between 2003 - 2008.
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Board Director
May 2010 - Present
New York, NY, USA
Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, founded in 1968, is led by human rights activist and lawyer Kerry Kennedy and advocates for a more just and peaceful world. Working alongside local activists to ensure lasting positive change in governments and corporations, the RFK team includes leading attorneys, advocates, entrepreneurs and writers united by a commitment to social justice.
1990 - Present
Professor Grossman has been involved in the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights since 1990. He currently serves as President after his reelection until 2022 and prior to this, held the roles of: President from 2014 - 2018; Board Member from 2011 - 2014; Member, General Assembly, from 1993 - 2014; Council member, from 1990- 2002.
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Washington, DC, USA
Professor Grossman is the author of numerous publications regarding international law, international organizations & human rights. For a complete listing please go to https://www.wcl.american.edu/community/faculty/cv/grossman


Jan 2017 - Present
Geneva, CH
The International Law Commission was created in 1947 by the UN General Assembly, which comprises a body of recognized experts in international law, that works on the progressive development and codification of international law.
Associate Member
2019 - Present
Geneva, CH
Established in 1873, the Institut de Droit International (The Institute of International Law) is an organization devoted to the study and development of international law, whose membership comprises the world's leading public international lawyers.
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Claudio Grossman’s Education

Licenciado en Ciencias Jurídicas y Sociales
Doctor of the Science of Law