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The News Archive for Clare Milford Haven

Clare Milford Haven

Co-Founder and Trustee

James' Place
Liphook, UK
26 Sep 2023 | City Matters

A Place to Talk

In this Angela Sharda interview with Dan Bracken, Head of James’ Place in London, he talks about the male mental health crisis, the inspiration behind the charity and the services they provide.

10 Sep 2023 | Business Telegraph

Louis Theroux and Tom Davies among stars urging men to seek help as ‘suicide is not the answer’

Louis Theroux and Tom Davies contributed to a video marking World Suicide Prevention Day whilst promoting the services of suicide prevention centre and mental health charity, James' Place.

8 Sep 2023 | Newcastle Chronicle

Suicide prevention centre to open in Newcastle 'before Christmas' to help tackle male mental health

Mental health charity, James' Place, have announced that they will be opening a suicide prevention centre in the Summerhill area of Newcastle before the end of this year.

6 May 2023 | Harper's Bazaar

Suicide-prevention charity founder Clare Milford Haven on helping men in crisis

Clare Milford Haven explains to Clara Strunck how she channelled her grief when she lost her son to set up suicide-prevention charity, James' Place, providing a support centre for men in suicidal crisis.