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The News Archive for César Pérez Ruiz

César’s News Archive

The News Archive for César Pérez Ruiz

César Pérez Ruiz

CIO & Head of Investments

Pictet Wealth Management
Geneva, CH
17 May 2022

Weekly Panorama: Time Travel

Chief Investment Officer at Pictet Wealth Management, César Pérez Ruiz, gives his assessment of the global economy.

3 May 2022

César Pérez Ruiz shares his “3 on the 3rd” for May

César Pérez Ruiz, CIO & Head of Investments at Pictet Wealth Management, shares his insights on real estate investment trusts, commodity currencies, and pricing power companies.

28 Oct 2021 | Wealth DFM Magazine

Pictet’s Pérez Ruiz shares his latest thinking on China, emerging markets, US and Europe

César Pérez Ruiz, CIO at Pictet Wealth Management, commented on emerging markets, growth issues in China, and earnings season in the US and Europe.

30 Aug 2021 | BNN Bloomberg

Where Investors With $3 Trillion Are Putting Their Money

César Pérez Ruiz, Chief Investment Officer at Pictet Wealth Management, discusses his positive perspective on the Chinese market while advising investors to apply a greater risk premium and to choose Hong Kong-listed alternatives when possible.

30 Jul 2021 | Financial Times

Chinese ructions test the buy-the-dip reflex of investors

César Pérez Ruiz expresses his concerns about the Chinese market. He suggests that some exposure to China is reasonable, but that foreign investors need to ensure they are allied with national objectives.

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