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Brooks Newmark

Academic, Angel Investor, Social Reform Campaigner

University of Oxford
Oxford, UK
University of Oxford
5 Jan 2023 | The Telegraph

How Oskar Schindler inspired ex-Tory MP to save 15,000 Ukrainians from the Russians

Brooks Newmark has spent over £100,000 laying on buses to rescue 15,000 Ukrainians from the war zone.

12 Nov 2022 | New Europe

The British politician-turned-Philanthropist building a humanitarian empire in Ukraine

"Putin must pay". Brooks Newmark, former MP and Minister for Civil Society, who has rescued more than 20,000 Ukrainians from the frontlines of the conflict, calls for reparations. 

4 Sep 2022 | The Daily Mail

How a former top Tory shepherded 1,000 Ukrainians to safety... through a deadly minefield

Brooks Newmark  has found a heroic new calling... on the frontline of Putin's war.

22 May 2022 | Lad Bible

How Housing Refugees Has Affected Both Brits And Ukrainians

Brooks Newmark, a Conservative politician and former MP who has taken in a mother and her daughter, said the language barrier could create tension.

18 May 2022 | Catholic Herald

Brooks Newmark: Our hero in Ukraine

In conversation with Catholic Herald, Brooks talks about the last two months he has spent in Ukraine organising the evacuation of children, women, and the elderly to safety.

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