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Brooks’ News Archive

The News Archive for Brooks Newmark

Brooks Newmark

Visiting Academic at the Middle East Centre

The University of Oxford
London, UK
13 May 2022 | Express Newspapers

UK edges closer to full-blown Russia war as expert warns: 'May have to engage directly'

Brooks Newmark is quoted in this Express Newspapers article about Prime Minister Boris Johnson's recent pledge that the UK would back Finland and Sweden in the face of Russian aggression.

12 May 2022 | The Jewish Chronicle

Former Tory MP: How my family’s Holocaust history led me to rescue thousands of Ukrainians

Brooks Newmark discusses his family history and how it drove him to save thousands of Ukrainians in an eight-week operation in this article published by The Jewish Chronicle.

11 May 2022 | The Telegraph

Brooks Newmark: ‘When I see a crisis, I still can’t help getting involved’

In an interview with The Telegraph, Brooks Newmark discusses his volunteer work in Ukraine and his passion for helping others.

10 May 2022 | Express Newspapers

'They love him!' Boris Johnson 'most popular person' in Ukraine next to Zelensky

In this article by Express Newspapers, Brooks Newmark, who is currently volunteering in Ukraine, talks about Boris Johnson's popularity in the country as well as their love for Britain.

5 May 2022 | Express Newspapers

From scandal to saviour: Incredible story of former Tory MP rescuing thousands in Ukraine

In an interview with Express, Brooks Newmark explains what motivated him to single-handedly save thousands of people from some of the most dangerous places in Ukraine.

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