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Bjørnulf’s News Archive

The News Archive for Bjørnulf Østvik

Bjørnulf’s News Archive

The News Archive for Bjørnulf Østvik

Bjørnulf Østvik

Founder, CEO & CTO

New York, NY, USA
18 Apr 2023 | Authority Magazine

Ecogensus: Bjornulf Ostvik’s Big Idea That Might Change The World

In this interview with Authority Magazine, Bjørnulf Østvik discusses how his companies, Ecogensus and VikingPeak Capital Group, are changing how the resource management and recycling market operates and finding solutions for global environmental needs.

20 Feb 2023 | PR Newswire

Ecogensus Company Secures $120+ Million Licensing & Supply Deal

Ecogensus is a technology company focused on sustainable resources, products derived from waste materials, and novel recycling systems.

21 Apr 2022 | Business Wire

Ariel Re Supports Ecogensus With Innovative Performance Guarantee Insurance

The insurance coverage puts the strength of Ariel Re behind the performance guarantees for Ecogensus’ processing capacity and fuel specifications

26 Oct 2020

Ecogensus Receives Notice of Allowance from European Patent Office for Waste-to-Fuel Process

Ecogensus announced that the European Patent Office's issuance of a notice that it intends to grant a patent for the Company's process of converting solid wastes into fuel.

30 Sep 2020

Ecogensus Spanning the Globe with Coal-Displacement Fuel Technology

Ecogensus announced that it has been granted patents in several countries across Asia and South America. This includes a patent for its proprietary coal-displacement fuel in Indonesia – an important high value market and the world's fourth largest country.