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Ben Goldsmith

Menhaden Green Investment Trust

London, UK

Founder & CEO

Menhaden Green Investment Trust

Ben Goldsmith
As well as chairing the Goldsmith family investment group, Ben Goldsmith is a Co-founder and CEO of Menhaden Capital, a London-listed investment trust with a focus on energy and resources. He was previously a co-founder of WHEB Asset Management, a leading “sustainability” investment management business.

Ben is Chairman of the Goldsmith family’s “JMG Foundation”, which funds campaigning and advocacy work on environmental issues and is co-founder of the UK Environmental Funders' Network. Ben is also Chairman of the Conservative Environment Network and Co-founder of the Ibiza Preservation Fund.

Ben Goldsmith’s Newsfeed

05 Mar 2018
Defra non-executive board member appointments

Defra recently announced the appointment of new non-executive board members to join the departmental Board.  Henry Dimbleby takes on the role of lead non-executive board member with Elizabeth Buchanan, Lizzie Noel, Ben Goldsmith and Colin Day appointed as non-executive board members.

14 Feb 2018
Billionaire philanthropists saving the environment

the more philanthropists who join the green cause, the better. 'People are more aware of the issues than they were 20 years ago,' says Ben Goldsmith. 'But I still sometimes sit down at a dinner party and the person sitting next to me will say, "Oh, you're interested in the environment, aren't you?" As if it's like stamp collecting or something, and I find that staggering. If you breathe air, drink water and eat food, then you've got to have an interest in the environment.'

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Ben Goldsmith’s Background

Founder & CEO
Jul 2015 - Present
London, UK
Menhaden Green is an investment trust, which focuses on energy and resources, based in London.
Founder and Partner
Jan 2003 - Jun 2015
WHEB is a specialist investor focused on the opportunities created by the global transition to more sustainable, resource efficient and energy efficient economies.

Other Business Interests

Non-Executive Board Member
Mar 2018 - Present
London, UK
The UK government department responsible for safeguarding our natural environment, supporting our world-leading food and farming industry & sustaining a thriving rural economy.
Nov 2015 - Present
London, UK
Crowdfunder - The UK's largest crowdfunding platform - raising millions of pounds for 1000's of projects all over the UK.
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Ben Goldsmith’s Education

1994 - 1999