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Arnaud Christiaens


SGC Wine

London, UK

Arnaud Christiaens
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Arnaud Christiaens’ Biography

Arnaud Christiaens is the Founder of the SGC Group, a revolutionary wine producer that was born out of pure passion and a dream to create a world class wine from the best soils within Bordeaux. SGC, which has been described as the “Tesla of Wine” for its innovative and scientific approach to soil analysis, produces only from the highest rated parcels of land. The specific locations of these remarkable parcels remain within the SGC community, adding further to the romance of these great wines. Arnaud was first to introduce a soil ranking system as an integral part to the wine making process and this distinctive approach is captured in the wine’s balance between power and finesse, structure and texture.

A lifelong oenophile, Arnaud has always held the venerable wines of Bordeaux in the highest regard. His knowledge and respect for the region, combined with his inherent desire to challenge the status quo, led him to develop a business model that would turn the market on its head. He set out to find the best-untapped terroir in the region through in-depth soil analysis, thus adding a new layer of sophistication to Bordeaux’s premier status in the wine producing industry.

Under his tireless direction, SGC continues with a process of searching out new parcels of land which meet their exceptionally high standards and criteria, bringing them to light and earning him a reputation as something of a pioneer. When it comes to legacies, Arnaud thinks less like a businessman and more like a patron, a change maker. He sees SGC as a force in support of the extraordinary in an industry that has remained relatively conservative.

Previous to SGC, Arnaud was a leading European financier for 20 years having published two books on the history and techniques of alternative asset management. Arnaud left in 2006 to pursue his passion for wine – founding SGC in the same year.

Arnaud is a keen sailor, avid skier, sportsman and philanthropist. He is primarily based in London.

Arnaud’s Newsfeed

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine
Talking wine with Arnaud Christiaens, founder of SGC Wine, the critically recognised fine wine disru

In an interview with Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, Arnaud Christiaens, former financier and Founder of SGC Wine, discusses his passion for wine and the history of SGC.

The CEO Magazine
SGC is challenging the status quo of fine wine

Arnaud Christiaens, Founder of SGC Wine, is mentioned in The CEO Magazine regarding SGC and his passion for luxury wine. Arnaud said: “I have always had a passion for wine, and long-held the wines of Bordeaux in the highest regard, I am drawn to the sector because I thoroughly enjoy challenging the status quo of whatever industry I’m working in. I saw the great potential to do this in wine, and specifically, in Bordeaux.”

Arnaud’s Background

SGC Wine
2006 - Present
London, UK
SGC stands for Le Secret des Grands Crus and is a brand of three Bordeaux wines. SGC is sold only by allocation and successful prospective clients are thereby invited to join the feted Le Cercle Group, the community of SGC owners who meet regularly around the world to celebrate and discuss their shared passions. The SGC allocation is by invitation only and obtained through referral.

Arnaud’s Gallery


Financial Times
Apr 2013
London, UK
The wine of SGC reached global fame when Financial Times critic Jancis Robinson reported the wine as follows “A scheme designed to kick the whole Bordeaux system where it hurts most... I was very impressed by the wines, I take my hat off to the production values of this enterprise.”
Oct 2012
John Stimpfig writes about Arnaud’s journey of creating SGC wines and shares that one of the vineyards is located adjacent to those of the First Growths. Decanter is an online platform that shares the latest developments in the wine industry, including new launches, events and news.
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Hedge Funds : Investir dans la gestion alternative aujourd'hui et demain
Feb 2009
Co-written by Arnaud Christiaens and Jean-Michel Rocchi, Hedge Funds : Investir dans la gestion alternative aujourd'hui et demain explores and discusses investing in Alternative Management today and tomorrow.
Hedge Funds: Tome 1, Histoire de la gestion alternative et de ses techniques
Oct 2006
Hedge Funds: Tome 1, Histoire de la gestion alternative et de ses techniques is written by Arnaud Christiaens and Jean-Michel Rocchi. In the book, they talk about the history of alternative management and its techniques.

Awards & Endorsements

Michel Bettane logo Michel Bettane logo
Michel Bettane
French Wine Critic
Michel Bettane, a leading French wine critic described SGC Wine and Arnaud, “You transcend the Médoc gentlemen...You surpass my knowledge of Médoc with this wine! It is sublime... a grape so fine is rare. You have done it better than any existing Médoc appellation today...It is a true grand cru!”.
Gérard Basset OBE logo Gérard Basset OBE logo
Gérard Basset OBE
World Champion Sommelier
A quote from Gérard Basset OBE, MS, MW, MBA, a World Champion Sommelier about SGC Wines, "Selection of the parcels is definitely the first step to take into consideration. It is a major evolution in the wine industry. I am very excited to be part of this avant-garde wine, which is SGC. “.
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