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Anthony St John

Non-Executive Chairman, Director and Adviser

London, UK

Anthony St John


Lord St John of Bletso (Anthony) has served as a Crossbench member of the House of Lords since 1979.

He trained and qualified as a lawyer in South Africa before working for almost 20 years in financial services in London in the City.

His interests span politics, business, charity work and mentoring SMEs.

His political interests are African affairs, environmental protection, disruptive technologies and human rights.

He serves on the boards of several listed and unlisted companies, including Strand Hanson, Integrated Diagnostic Holdings, Yellow Cake plc and Empati.

He also serves as a director of several investment trusts, including Abion VCT and Smithson.

He advises and mentors several SMEs in marketing, clean technologies, digital currencies, disruptive technologies and corporate restructuring.

Anthony has a long-term interest in the charitable sector and serves as a trustee to several charities focused on wildlife conservation, poverty reduction, education and healthcare.

After completing his law degrees and practicing law in South Africa, he graduated with his Masters in Law at London University in Chinese law and maritime law.

Anthony St John’s Newsfeed

Geobear appoints new chair to advisory board

Geobear has announced the appointment of Lord (Anthony) St John of Bletso as chairman of the advisory board. Geobear, which was formally known as URETEK, helps infrastructure and general construction asset owners, contractors and design consulting firms with cracks on the structures, reduced bearing capacity of foundation soil, water ingress, wear and tear caused by dynamic loading and many other common challenges.

Top Trends from London FinTech Week

Now in its sixth year, London FinTech Week once again brought together some of the leading figures in the financial sector to discuss the latest global FinTech trends.  As expected, this year’s event provided plenty of food for thought with Lord Anthony St John sharing his prediction that in 20 years’ time, FinTech will account for all financial services.

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Anthony St John’s Background

Non-Executive Chairman, Director and Adviser logo Non-Executive Chairman, Director and Adviser logo
Non-Executive Chairman, Director and Adviser
London, UK
Chairman of the Advisory Board
Feb 2020 - Present
London, UK
Founded in the 1970s, Geobear is a ground engineering contractor, that aims to save taxpayer money and avoiding closure of main roads. The original founder of Uretek solutions operates in the United Kingdom, Ireland, China, Finland, Sweden and Poland.
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Current Board Positions

Empati UK Ltd logo Empati UK Ltd logo
Empati UK Ltd
Non-Executive Chairman
2019 - Present
Empati UK Lt is an utility smart meter aggregator.
Non-Executive Director
2019 - Present
Choice International Mauritius Limited is a foreign exchange and payment intermediary service with expertise in cost-effective and rapid international trade payments available to businesses in Africa and Southern Asia.
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Previous Board Positions

Non-Executive Chairman
Jan 2014 - 2017
London, UK
A value added fund focused on restructuring and recapitalising undervalued international resource companies.


Founded in 2000, Citizens Online is a charity with an aim to explore and assist the impact of the internet on today’s society, without the exclusion of anyone.
Apr 2010 - Present
Indianapolis, US
Helping children around the world break the cycle of poverty and become self sufficient, contributing members of their society.
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Anthony St John’s Education

LLM (Master of Law)
1982 - 1984
Bachelor of Arts (B. A.), Law
1975 - 1979
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