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Annabelle Bond OBE, earned the title “fastest woman climber in the world” in 2005 after scaling the highest peaks on the seven continents in just 360 days. Following six months of intensive training, she reached the summit of Mount Everest on May 15th 2004, the fourth British woman to stand on top of the world. After climbing Mount Everest, Annabelle went on to climb the other six mountains that comprise the Seven Summits, making her the only woman in the world to have achieved that extraordinary feat in less than a year.

In 2006 Annabelle joined HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco on an expedition to the North Pole conducted in conjunction with a project for the World Wildlife Fund. In 2009 Annabelle ran a 250-kilometre self-supported endurance race across the desert of Namibia as part of the Racing the Planet Series of Races. Later that year she ran the same distance across the Sahara Desert to raise funds and to highlight awareness for the Eve Appeal.

Annabelle speaks regularly to corporations, schools, and charity groups on the importance of setting and achieving goals. She also works as an Advisor to Arbor Ventures, an all-woman venture capital fund. She has been awarded the position of honorary Colonel of the Chilean Army, and she was made a member of the Royal Council of Ingxotha by his Majesty King Zwelithini Goodwill KaBhekuzulu of KwaZulu. In addition, Annabelle has been awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for her services to Mountaineering and Charity.

Annabelle Bond’s Newsfeed

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The British OBE – who broke records after completing the world’s Seven Summits in less than a year – talks about being a single mother and trekking across Africa for Laureus Sport for Good Foundation

Annabelle Bond’s Background

Jan 2001 - Present
Hong Kong, HK
Forstmann Little Conference - Aspen logo Forstmann Little Conference - Aspen logo
Forstmann Little Conference - Aspen
2005 - 2011
Aspen, US
Forstmann, Little & Company was a private equity firm, specializing in leveraged buyouts. They were among the largest private equity firms globally.
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Other Business Interests

2004 - Present
London, UK
The Laureus Sport for Good Foundation uses the positive power of sport to tackle society's most pressing challenges around the globe, supporting projects on every continent. Support comes in three forms: funding, training and strategic counsel to ensure each project can provide the best possible opportunities to promote social change within their communities.
2003 - Present
London, UK
The Eve Appeal is a registered charity, formed in 2002. Since then, we have worked hard to raise money to fund the world-class research programme at the Department of Women's Cancer based at University College London (UCL).
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