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Andrew White


Andrew White is an entrepreneur in the Sports & Entertainment world. Andrew spends his time focused on three inter-related projects, 5Oceans Partnership his commercial sales business, leAD, the best in class Sports Investment ecosystem and ISH, The Institute of Sports Humanities.

Andrew is Executive Chairman of 5Oceans Partnership, launched in 2016, which is a Commercial Entertainment business with emphasis on the Sports & Music Arenas in London, Tokyo, New York, Rio de Janeiro and Albany, The Bahamas.

He is Chairman of leAD Sports, the world’s first sports investment platform focused on funding & nurturing early-stage start-ups, with innovative products & business models in the field of sports. Andrew is an Investor and Director of Who Knows Wins, an interactive social gaming platform which was one of the first companies leAD and Andrew invested in.

Andrew is also Chairman of The Institute of Sports Humanities, partnering with the University of Buckingham, to provide the future leaders in the Sports industry with an MA, due to launch in Autumn 2019. Future partnerships to be announced as ISH looks to build a global footprint.

Prior to this, Andrew spent the early part of his career building WSM Communications into one of Europe’s most successful Sports Marketing Agencies, which in 2014 was acquired by Bill Gates & his Entertainment Group, Corbis.

Andrew White’s Newsfeed

Citi Private Bank's Big Play For Sports Tech Investments

Citi Private Bank and leAD Sports - an organization founded by the Adidas family dynasty - have partnered to work with entrepreneurs in the space. The move highlights how wealth managers target sports stars and the industry for branding, investment and client acquisition purposes. leAD leaders include Andrew White, leAD chairman...

Private Equity Wire
5Oceans Partnership names new CEO

One of 5Oceans’ key relationships is with leAD, the world’s first sports & tech focused incubator fund. Set up by members of the Dassler family (founders of Adidas), leAD supports sports technology startups from seed funding to fully functioning profitable ventures, through professional mentoring, introductions to strategic partners, direct investment and access to follow-up investment. 5Oceans Partnership is a major investor in leAD, and Giles becomes a Director alongside Andrew WhiteleAD’s Chairman.

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Andrew White’s Background

Executive Chairman
Jul 2016 - Present
London, UK
I am the founder of this Commercially focussed Sports Marketing organisation focussed on delivering global commercial solutions for rights holders and brands in Sport. We have a strong team operating in Europe, Asia, North and South America.
Sep 2016 - Present
Berlin, DE
leAD is an accelerator focused on early stage startups with innovative products and business models in the realms of sports. leAD stands for legacy of Adi Dassler and is backed by a global network of investors, mentors and partners.
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Other Business Interests

Investor & Director
2017 - Present
Caerphilly, UK
Who Knows Wins (WKW) is an interactive social gaming platform that allows friends, family, and colleagues, to compete against each other in leagues, using their knowledge, skill, and luck to predict results on virtually any sporting event. The WKW- Team is trying to take the gambling’s negative stigma away through socializing it. Their platform is not as much about money as it is about community.
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The Melanie White Foundation
Non-Executive Director
Nov 1999 - Present
London, UK

Andrew White’s Education

BA Hons, Geography
1989 - 1992
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Bembridge School
1979 - 1989