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Adam Middleton

Leadership Adviser

London, UK

Leadership Adviser

Adam Middleton


Operating internationally, Adam is a leadership adviser based in Jersey, Channel Islands. Adam Middleton has dedicated his career to leadership development and has advisory experience in every aspect of the field.

Adam advises CEOs, senior executives and partners/founders of professional services and asset management firms. He serves as a confidential and independent sounding board. His success is judged by the sustainable value that his clients create for their organizations.

An expert in the field of succession planning and governance best practice, he also assesses current and future leaders to help Boards of Directors and investors select the right people to run their businesses.

He has advised multiple CEOs on life after being the leader, helping them build a portfolio of activities, from board roles to private equity to philanthropic and charitable causes.

Adam was a Partner at Manchester Square Partners for eight years and helped build the business into an internationally respected services organization. He continues to work extensively with the firm and its clients.

He started his career in an investment role for a private family office, helping to buy and run businesses across Europe and the US.

Adam graduated with a first-class degree in Economics and Finance from Loughborough University.

Adam Middleton’s Background

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Leadership Adviser
2019 - Present
2011 - Present
London, UK
Manchester Square Partners’ purpose is to help leaders in business navigate ambiguity & make good decisions. Clients are typically on the Executive Committee or Board, or are moving towards it. Many are involved in some form of succession or transition plan, be that short or medium term.

Adam Middleton’s Education

Economics & Finance