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Berry Bros & Rudd Ltd

Simon Berry
Simon Berry joined his family firm, Berry Bros & Rudd, in 1977, and through sheer hard work, business acumen, astonishing vision and a tiny amount of nepotism became Chairman in January 2005. Previously he had been involved in the Marketing side of the company, trying to balance the heritage of a business founded in 1698 with the modern demands of the 21st century wine & spirits industry. He was responsible for the company's presence in Heathrow Airport, their expansion into Asia and - as early as 1994 - their venture into cyberspace with their multi-award winning website

Simon Berry’s Newsfeed

12 Aug 2016
Could Brexit bring back the imperial pint?

Simon Berry, chairman of Britain’s oldest wine merchant, Berry Bros. & Rudd has long been petitioning for the return of his favourite bottle size.

15 Jul 2016
Berry Bros & Rudd restructures board

Berry Bros. & Rudd has restructured its board of directors...The new streamlined executive board will comprise eight board directors...CEO Dan Jago and CFO Chris Robinson, three members of the family, chairman Simon Berry...

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Simon Berry’s Background

Nov 1977 - Present
Council Member; Chairman of the Development Board
Jun 2011 - Present

Other Business Interests

Board Member
Jun 2014 - Present
London, UK
Jan 2005 - Jun 2015
London, UK

Simon Berry’s Education

OPM 32
2001 - 2003
1971 - 1975