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Ben Goldsmith


London, UK

Founder and Partner


Ben Goldsmith
As well as chairing the Goldsmith family investment group, Ben Goldsmith is a founder of WHEB, a leading specialist “sustainability” investment business. WHEB invests across renewable energy infrastructure, green technology private equity, and global listed equities. Ben is Chairman of the Goldsmith family’s “JMG Foundation”, which funds campaigning and advocacy work on environmental issues and is co-founder of the UK Environmental Funders' Network Ben is also Chairman of the Conservative Environment Network

Ben Goldsmith’s Newsfeed

16 Sep 2016
World Finance
What is impact investing and how does it work?

Ben Goldsmith of Menhaden Capital defined impact investing “quite simply as investing in companies, projects and other entities that, as well as representing significant investment opportunities, deliver sustainability benefits, such as helping to reduce environmental and/or social harm”. 

22 Oct 2015
City AM
Hinkley Point is deferred pain to renewables’ deferred gain

Ben Goldsmith is the founder of Menhaden Capital and WHEB Group, and co-chair of the Conservative Environment Network. He will be participating in 10:10’s “Snow on Blood” event, which will see Jon Snow discussing...

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Ben Goldsmith’s Background

Founder and Partner
Jan 2003 - Present
A leading specialist “sustainability” investment business.

Other Business Interests

Nov 2015 - Present
London, UK
Crowdfunder - The UK's largest crowdfunding platform - raising millions of pounds for 1000's of projects all over the UK.
Menhaden Green Investment Trust logo Menhaden Green Investment Trust logo
Menhaden Green Investment Trust
Jul 2015 - Present
London, UK
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Ben Goldsmith’s Education

1994 - 1999