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Digital Audit

Understanding your Online Persona

Your digital footprint, a mass of publicly available information on the web, informs your audience, creating an impression of you and your brand. For successful and high-profile individuals this information is not only abundant but spread across multiple channels, leading to an explosion of information, and a myriad of challenges and risks.

Benefits of The Marque’s Digital Audit

Our unique digital audit is presented to you in a concise report which analyzes the findings and offers a complete set of recommendations to mitigate risk. Discoveries may include false information, negative media coverage, poor imagery, fake social media accounts and inappropriate associations.

The Marque’s digital audit report goes beyond reputation, privacy and security risks that originate online. It will give you the tools you need to ensure that your personal brand is accurately portrayed online.
The Marque

Our Unique Approach

The Marque conducts a comprehensive digital audit using our bespoke technology, tools, and methods.


We trawl the web using a methodically considered range of key words, search engines and locations tailored to your requirements.


The information we find in the public domain is thoroughly analyzed for quantity, quality, content and sentiment.


An overview of your current and aspirational digital persona is produced to demonstrate how you are perceived in the digital space.


We produce a comprehensive summary of our findings and recommend a strategy to develop your positioning and online persona.


Engaging with you throughout the entire digital audit process ensures that we are aligned with your needs every step of the way.