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How it all began
With first impressions increasingly being formed online, Andrew Wessels, Founder & Chairman, realized the significance of a controllable digital asset on page one of Google. He noticed that many high-profile professionals were poorly represented online with out-of-date information shared and re-shared, and no clear source of trustworthy content. The advent of Covid-19 and an increase in remote working has compounded this issue, moving the needle on digital reputation management from important to critical.
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Our Services

Analyzing your current digital persona is essential to identify threats and our Digital Audits, using our bespoke technology, tools, and methods, ensure we deliver a unique set of observations and recommendations. The Digital Briefcase encompasses all our services to enhance your digital persona and protect your reputation online. You will receive monthly reports summarising relevant coverage as well as web monitoring, social listening tools and sentiment analysis.
Our digital media team advises on options to remedy any issues identified online and recommends methods to enhance your digital persona, referring you to our specialist partners if required.

Owning a Marque Profile mitigates online risk or incorrect messaging, whilst addressing and correcting inaccuracies. A Marque Business Profile allows your business partners and associates, stakeholders and online audience to read about you in your own words, as you control the narrative. A Marque Sports Profile ensures an accurate, trusted digital asset for your audience and fanbase. Your commercial partners have a platform for connecting their elite athletes and promoting their work. Foundation Profiles save valuable time and resources associated with setting up and maintaining websites and reflect the activity of the charitable foundation’s work. The Marque manages Board Profiles for entire boards, ensuring all members are represented online with consistent, factual, and relevant information.

Our dedicated in-house research, copywriting, and profile management teams create and maintain all profiles, keeping them elegant, engaging, up-to-date and accurate.
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