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Wilson Rondini

Founder & Managing Partner

Falcon Capital

London, UK

Wilson Rondini
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Wilson Rondini’s Biography

Wil Rondini is a Managing Partner of Falcon Capital. He founded The Falcon Group in 1998, an international group of consulting firms dedicated to providing a wide range of services to businesses which delivers business development and change management advice to small and medium companies across a wide range of industries, in both developed and emerging markets.

Previously known as Falcon International Consulting Limited, the group serves a client base of more than 1500 banks and institutions, including high net worth individuals located in 70 countries across 6 continents.

For more than a decade Falcon has funded over sixty start-ups located throughout the US, the UK, France and India having raised well over $750,000,000.

Wil has met some of the most successful people on the planet raising money for high risk high reward types of Projects.

He skippered Falcon through the bursting of the dot com bubble and the sub-prime melt down and economic collapse of 2008 when most firms in the microcap space were vaporized along with the private equity arms of a number of very large well-respected banks.

Over the years Wil has worked very closely with centers of influence in London, Amsterdam, Cyprus, Beirut, Istanbul, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bangkok and Rome.

Wil has served on the Board of various technology, medical device, alcohol recovery drink, venture capital, coal, oil & gas and pipeline enterprises in the US, the UK and India.

Prior to building up Falcon, Wil was one of the top retail stockbrokers in America and a regular speaker at ‘Top Producer’ events.

Wilson Rondini’s Background

Falcon Capital
Founder & Managing Partner
Jan 1998 - Present
London, UK
Falcon Group is an international group of consulting firms dedicated to providing a wide range of services to businesses of all sizes; in particular to deliver business development & change management advice to small & medium sized companies. Falcon operates globally, and has offices in Penang, Singapore, Rome and Melborne.

Current Board Positions

Quantum Computing Inc.
Board Observer
Aug 2020 - Present
Leesburg, VA, USA
Founded in 2018, Quantum Computing monitors the development activities of quantum computing and artificial intelligence software in order to develop diverse and leading software that could run on numerous quantum platforms.
Board Member
Jan 2020 - Present
Dubai, AE
SIRP is a Risk-based Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform that provides a unified cyber response by fusing together essential cybersecurity information.
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Previous Board Positions

Blackwater Midstream Corporation logo Blackwater Midstream Corporation logo
Blackwater Midstream Corporation
Funder / Investor
May 2008 - Jul 2012
New Orleans, LA, USA
Blackwater Midstream Corp. is an independent developer & operator of bulk liquid storage terminals, including facilities within the Port of New Orleans in Westwego, Louisiana; Brunswick, Georgia & Salisbury, Maryland.

Current Advisory Roles

Volcon | ePowersports
Dec 2020 - Present
Austin, TX, USA
Founded in 2020, Volcon is the first all-electric and off-road Powersports company. It has the aim to build the highest quality of electric vehicles that will elevate outdoor experiences for both everyday and adventure lifestyles.
eSports Technologies
Sep 2020 - Present
Las Vegas, NV, USA
eSports Technologies is an eSports Gaming business that has the aim of becoming the leader in the emerging industry of eSports, traditional sports and fantasy sports online gambling.
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Wilson Rondini’s Education

Elmhurst College
Finance & Economics
1980 - 1984

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