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Viktor’s News Archive

The News Archive for Viktor Prokopenya

Viktor’s News Archive

The News Archive for Viktor Prokopenya

Viktor Prokopenya

Founder, &
London, UK
24 Nov 2022

Management takes Control of Face Augmented Reality Experts, Banuba

Viktor Prokopenya, founder of VP Capital said that it had been hugely rewarding to watch Banuba thrive, and wished the company success in the future.

9 Aug 2022 | The Telegraph

Suspected Russian cyber attack on British soil as firm subjected to ‘daily’ hacks

The cyber attack began in April after founder of, Viktor Prokopenya, declared he was pulling his company out of Russia in protest at the invasion of Ukraine.

19 Jul 2022 | Technology

How blockchain can tackle piracy in entertainment

Fintech and blockchain expert, Viktor Prokopenya, commented in Technology Magazine that responsible regulation of blockchain technologies is critical.

17 Apr 2022 | The Times boss: ‘Russia cyberattacked us hours after we quit’

When Viktor Prokopenya stopped his cryptocurrency exchange group serving clients in Russia last week, he did not anticipate the speed of the backlash.