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Vijay’s News Archive

The News Archive for Vijay Singh

Vijay’s News Archive

The News Archive for Vijay Singh

Vijay Singh

Professional Golfer

Lautoka, FJ
7 May 2020 | PGA Tour

Team Singh continues grind during quarantine

Vijay Singh says, “I’ve been doing my normal training workouts in the morning, then coming to the course and practicing for 5 or 6 hours if we’re not playing. If we’re playing we tee off early, by 8, and practice afterward. It’s really no different than when I had time off and there was no quarantine.”

1 May 2020 | The Score

41 Days Until Golf: Vijay Singh’s ridiculous run in 2004

By the age of 40 Vijay Singh has accomplished 4 victories. He has continued to play as a successful golfer well into his forties with the 2004 season as the highlight of his career.

20 Apr 2020 | Olympic Channel

Indian Golfer Shiv Kapur finds inspiration from Vijay Singh

Indian golfer Shiv Kapur explains why former world number one golfer Vijay Singh is a role model to him. He admires Singh for his resourcefulness, commitment and work ethic and seeks to adopt a similar attitude for his own golfing career.