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The News Archive for Scott Taylor

Scott’s News Archive

The News Archive for Scott Taylor

Scott Taylor

Former U.S. Congressman | Consultant

Taylor Global Strategies (TGS)
Virginia Beach, VA, USA
Taylor Global Strategies (TGS)
10 Oct 2021 | Washington Post

After the Taliban seized their school, Afghanistan’s all-female orchestra tried to flee.

Scott Taylor is quoted in this article that covers the plight of the Zohra Orchestra in the aftermath of the Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan.

13 Sep 2021 | NBC News

From pariah to partner: How Qatar's role in Afghanistan helped to restore U.S. relations

Scott Taylor is quoted in this article about the US military's withdrawal from Afghanistan and the role of Qatar in this process. "The reality is," Taylor says, "more than any other nation per capita, Qatar stepped up to the plate."

10 Sep 2021 | Wall Street Journal

Afghan Female Orchestra’s Escape Halted 100 Yards From Freedom

Scott Taylor discusses how efforts by the United States to help members of Zohra flee hit a serious roadblock when Taliban guards at the airport in Kabul refused to cooperate with American forces.

21 Jul 2021 | Africanews

US Politician Scott Taylor Strengthens US-Africa Relations Through African Energy Week Participation

Scott Taylor will lead a delegation of U.S. industry leaders in a bid to introduce American companies to African opportunities, promoting increased collaboration and engagement. His participation is expected to open a dialogue on enhanced U.S.-Africa relations, emphasizing America’s role in driving African energy growth and development.