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Sasha’s News Archive

The News Archive for Sasha Jensen

Sasha’s News Archive

The News Archive for Sasha Jensen

Sasha Jensen

Founder & CEO

Jensen Partners
New York, US
30 Mar 2022

Executive Search Firm Jensen Partners Named Europe's Best Recruitment Company . . .

For the third year in a row, Jensen Partners has won Private Equity Wire's coveted title in the "Investor Relations & Asset Raising" category.

3 Feb 2022 | Institutional Investor

Hit by the ‘Great Resignation,’ Marketing and Distribution Jobs Are Plentiful in Alternatives...

Sasha Jensen examines data collected over the past several years to comment on the movements of the Great Resignation and how it has impacted people entering into new roles, especially in terms of compensation, as well as her opinion that the boosted compensation will plateau in 2022.

19 Nov 2021 | Private Equity Wire

Jensen Partners: Best Recruitment Company for Investor Relations & Asset Raising

This article by Private Equity Wire describes how Jensen Partners has continued to achieve success and overcome difficult obstacles by highlighting the importance of diversity and finding alternative methods to ensuring that high-quality candidates are placed into leading positions at private equity firms around the world.

3 Nov 2021 | WSJ Private Equity

Private-Equity Recruiter Pledges to Consider More Diverse Candidates

Jensen Partners has pledged to continue progress for diversity in the private equity sector by considering more diverse candidates and implementing DiversityMetrics, a new product that will measure the diversity in a company's workforce.

28 Oct 2021

Jensen Partners Named 'Best Recruiter' for Fourth Consecutive Year at Alt Credit US Awards

Sasha Jensen's Jensen Partners was recognized at the Alt Credit US Awards as the 'Best Recruiter' for the fourth year in a row.

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