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Ricky Knox

Founder & CEO

Tandem Bank

London, UK

Ricky Knox
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Ricky Knox is the founder and CEO of Tandem Bank, an app-based bank that aims to revolutionise banking in the customers' favour.

Ricky is a serial entrepreneur who has created multiple successful businesses. He helped to create five technology disruptors in fintech and telecoms before founding Tandem Bank.

Ricky co-founded GSM Systems (a global mobile telephony network services provider) in 2003 and is a Director and Founder of Small World Financial Services Group, a global money transfer business with over £4bn of transfers and currently Europe's largest independent Money Transfer operator. He is also Co-Founder and Non-Executive Director of Azimo, a social digital payments platform that enables simple, fast and secure remittances to 198 countries around the world.

Ricky is also Managing Partner at Hexagon Partners, a specialist private equity firm which invests in financial technology.

Ricky holds an MBA from INSEAD.

Ricky Knox’s Newsfeed

Peef to Peer Finance News
Confusion surrounds green finance despite growing demand

“Green finance and the zero carbon home in particular is something that consumers are becoming more aware of, but something they still don’t necessarily understand; they either don’t know how to make a difference or how best to fund the changes they want to make,” said Ricky Knox, founder and chief executive of Tandem Bank.

This is Money
The big green money guide

Tandem's chief executive Ricky Knox said: 'I founded Tandem with the number-one intent of building The Good Bank - one that puts customers’ needs first and takes the stress out of money management to leave people with more money to spend on the things they love. 'With the acquisition of Allium, we can truly evolve our mission from building The Good Bank to becoming the UK’s first green digital retail bank.'

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Ricky Knox’s Background

Tandem Bank
Founder & CEO
2013 - Present
London, UK
Tandem Money is an app-based, full-service retail bank with built-in budgeting features, such as alerts when bills increase or a payment comes in, advice on switching energy supplier and automatic advice on how much customers can afford to spend each month.
Co-Founder and Non-Executive Director
2012 - Present
London, UK
Azimo is an online remittance transfer service for customers who wish to make transactions to overseas accounts.
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Ricky Knox’s Education

2003 - 2003
University of Bristol
BSc, Economics
1994 - 1998