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Richard Burrell

London, UK

Chief Executive Officer

Aggregated Micro Power Holdings plc

Richard Burrell


Richard began working with AMP in June 2012, when AMP started working with Mathieson Capital. Richard founded Mathieson Capital in 2010, in order to invest in renewable energy and related businesses. Mathieson Capital established Mathieson Biomass in 2011 to establish a pipeline of biomass boiler and CHP ESCO opportunities.

In 2002, Richard founded the London listed, Westbury Property Fund (now Stobart Group) and was Chairman of its investment committee from 2002 until August 2007. The fund became a top quartile performing commercial property investment fund with total assets exceeding £250m. In August 2007 he led a series of transactions which transformed the Company into a multi-modal transport and logistics business. The transactions included the merger of Westbury with the Eddie Stobart Group and the disposal of Westbury’s commercial property portfolio.

In 2003, he launched the Medical Property Investment Fund (now Assura Group) and served as its Chief Executive between 2003 and March 2010. The fund was initially listed on the London Stock Exchange with a market capitalisation of £136m. Today Assura Group is the largest owner of GP surgeries, with gross assets significantly in excess of £1 billion. Prior to this, Richard worked in investment banking at UBS and ING.

He is also a Director of FirstCare Limited and Chairman of Brickendon Consulting Limited.

Richard Burrell’s Newsfeed

Let’s hear manifesto pledges on the UK’s net zero heat agenda

Richard Burrell writes, "With public concern about the environment at an unprecedented high, and with the recent launch of the Treasury’s Net Zero review; the stage is set for the political parties to set out how they will decarbonise our economy...A wave of environmental consciousness has seen pressure increasing on business and politicians to increase their efforts. In a recent YouGov poll 27% of voters cited the environment as one of the top three issues behind Brexit and health, the highest ranking the issues has had for many years..."

Time to turn up the heat on decarbonisation targets

Richard Burrell writes, "Decarbonising the UK’s heat network is one of the biggest energy challenges we face. The role of bioenergy, including biomass, in helping meet net zero heat emissions, has been convincingly outlined by the Renewable Energy Association’s (REA) Bioenergy Strategy report this week. It found that the UK could almost triple the use of bioenergy as a source of heat – from 6% to 16% by 2032..."

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Richard Burrell’s Background

Chief Executive Officer
Sep 2012 - Present
London, UK
A London listed distributed energy company which supplies biomass fuel, finances, develops and maintains low carbon heat and power asset. AMP funds new facilities through a funding vehicle, which, to date, has financed more than £50 million of AMP projects. AMP, whose customer-facing brand name is AMP Clean Energy, is the market leading biomass fuel supply in the UK.
Managing Partner
Jun 2010 - Present
London, UK
Mathieson Capital provides advice and investment to a variety of businesses which require capital and additional management expertise to grow. Mathieson Capital Fund Management LLP is FCA regulated.
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Current Non-Executive Positions

Non-Executive Chairman
Apr 2016 - Present
London, UK
Adviser to the Board and Non-Executive Chairman of this strategic management consultancy providing multidisciplinary solutions to banks and financial institutions operating in global financial markets.
Non-Executive Director
Dec 2010 - Present
London, UK
FirstCare is a private equity-backed market leader in managing and reducing absence in large employer organisations. Richard has been Chairman since 2010 and in February 2016 he advised on the sale of a controlling stake in the business to Marcol Health. Richard will remain a director of FirstCare representing the Participation Noteholders.

Richard Burrell’s Education

BA, Economics
1985 - 1988