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Rhian-Anwen’s News Archive

The News Archive for Rhian-Anwen Hamill

Rhian-Anwen’s News Archive

The News Archive for Rhian-Anwen Hamill

Rhian-Anwen Hamill

Leadership Advisor & Business Coach

Rhian-Anwen Hamill
London, UK
28 Aug 2020 | Family Capital

The Top 100 Family Influencers | Executive Search

Rhian-Anwen Hamill of RAH Partners has been named as one of the Top 100 Family Influencers in the World by online magazine Family Capital.

20 Jan 2019

Family office recruitment - what's important

Rhian-Anwen Hamill, co-founder of RAH Partners writes, "To recruit for family offices or family-owned organisations can be complicated, often more complicated than the recruitment for the biggest non-family businesses. But it is invariably more interesting. And, for the specialist provider, usually more rewarding..."

28 May 2018

Where are the women running family offices?

In an age where gender equality is frequently at the top of the media’s agenda, where are the women in senior roles at family offices? "The gender gap has been top-down ‘policy’ driven so those firms who feel themselves to be under scrutiny have responded first, whereas those like many family offices and privately controlled businesses which are less visible have found themselves feeling able to respond less,” says Rhian-Anwen Hamill, director and co-founder of the executive search firm, RAH Partners.

20 Oct 2017 | Financial Times

The right stuff to lead and to serve

Who would make a good senior manager for a family office? A top-notch investment banker from Goldman Sachs or a private equity supremo from Blackstone? Maybe either, or maybe neither. Rhian-Anwen Hamill, whose London-based executive search firm RAH Partners places many senior positions in family offices and family businesses, says clients look for a host of skills when hiring...