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Peter’s News Archive

The News Archive for Peter Orszag

Peter’s News Archive

The News Archive for Peter Orszag

Peter Orszag

CEO | Financial Advisory

New York, NY, USA
21 Nov 2022 | Washington Post

Threats to weaponize the debt ceiling are more dangerous than ever

In this Op-ed for the Washington Post, Peter Orszag discusses the myriad reasons why the debt ceiling should be raised before control of the House changes.

6 Oct 2022 | Washington Post

Price caps on Russian oil aren’t ideal. But they’re our best option

Peter Orszag and co-author Teddy Bunzel shares their thoughts on the proposed oil price cap and its potential in limiting any benefits to Russia.

26 Aug 2022 | The Texas Tribune

2022 Texas Tribune Festival

Peter Orszag will take part in a panel titled 'Inflation Nation' on Saturday, September 24th at 12:30 (CT).

24 May 2022 | World Economic Forum

Will the M&A Boom Last?

Peter Orszag joined a panel of leaders to discuss recent trends in the M&A space, as well as the many factors that might force significant changes in global deal-making.

4 Apr 2022 | Academy Health

Keynote: Costs, Inflation and their Impact on Health and Health Policy

In his Keynote address, Peter Orszag discussed the evolution of the health care economy in the COVID era, with notable investments in biotech, digital health, chronic care and Medicare Advantage, and shared his thoughts on cost trends, the relationship of quality and value, and many other related topics.

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