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Peter’s News Archive

The News Archive for Peter Orszag

Peter Orszag

CEO | Financial Advisory

New York, NY, USA
9 May 2023 | CNBC

Here’s what Lazard’s Peter Orszag thinks the best option is if a debt ceiling deal can’t be reached

Peter Orszag joins ‘Squawk Box’ to preview President Biden’s debt ceiling meeting with top congressional leaders, and why the administration shouldn’t simply agree to a one-year debt ceiling reprieve.

18 Apr 2023 | CNBC

The debt ceiling is an added source of volatility in the economy, says Lazard's Peter Orszag

Peter Orszag joins 'Squawk on the Street' to discuss House Speaker McCarthy's debt ceiling proposal, the potential credit crunch, and the Fed's rate plan. 

23 Mar 2023 | Institute of International Finance

The COVID Inflation Shock, Monetary Policy Gradualism, and Lingering Supply Chain Effects

Discussing The Fed’s aggressive rate hikes in 2022, Peter Orszag and Robin Brooks focus on one particular source of lags in the inflation process: lingering effects from supply chain disruptions at the height of COVID. 

17 Mar 2023 | CNBC

Regional banks relied on a business model that relied on uninsured deposits: Lazard’s Peter Orszag

Peter Orszag joins ‘Squawk Box’ to discuss Silicon Valley Bank filing bankruptcy, the proposal to insure all bank deposits, and the move for more regulation of regional banks.

27 Feb 2023 | Bloomberg

Lazard Financial Advisory CEO on Rates, Inflation

Peter Orszag discusses his predictions of a "wave of refinancing" in 2024 and 2025. The disinflationary process occupies a lot of discussions the CEO is having as it continues to drive liquidity in the market. 

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