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Paul Charles

The PC Agency

London, UK

Founder & CEO

The PC Agency

Paul Charles


As CEO and Founder of The PC Agency, Paul is a renowned commentator on the travel and tourism industry. He is perhaps best known for his award-winning work as Sir Richard Branson’s Communications Director at Virgin Atlantic, and for rebuilding the brand at Eurostar while in charge of Communications.

A former BBC news presenter, Paul set-up his own travel PR consultancy in 2011, wanting to deliver high-impact strategy and media coverage, on and offline, for clients. Paul was named PR Professional of The Year by PR Week; one of “London’s Most Influential” by the Evening Standard; and has been recognised in the PR Week “Power Book” every year since it launched in 2006.

Paul is also a Non-Executive Director of bizpay, which enables consumers to pay for flights in instalments, and enables airlines to become more profitable.

Paul Charles’ Newsfeed

PR Week
Flack on Friday: PR vs gorilla, Ingham vs Whitehouse, PR festive fun

In Flack this week: Travel PR guru takes on gorilla, trading PR man and founder of The PC Agency, Paul Charles, on his recent press trip to Rwanda.

Spear's Magazine
Why Jay Z decided to buy Champagne’s priciest château

‘Consumers aren’t just buying a product like a bottle of bubbly,’ says Paul Charles, CEO of the PC Agency, which advises luxury brands such as the Monaco Tourist Authority. ‘They are buying into the brand’s essence, which will encompass consistency, culture and usually an innovation – be it golden bottles or a high-profile owner – that cements its market position.’

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Paul Charles’ Background

Founder & CEO
Aug 2016 - Present
London, UK
The PC Agency is a forward-thinking and innovative PR consultancy representing some of the finest, premium travel and tourism brands in the world. From airlines to hotels, tour operators to tourism boards, The PC Agency team delivers high-impact media exposure which builds brands as well as sales. The PC Agency is also a member of TLN, the Travel & Lifestyle Network, a global network of agencies.
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Jan 2010 - Jun 2011
London, UK
A global PR agency specialising in the tech and consumer sectors.
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Other Business Interests

Non-Executive Director
Oct 2017 - Present
London, UK
bizpay allows businesses to increase sales by managing payment for products or services with instalments.

Paul Charles’ Education

BA (Econ), Politics, Philosophy, Economics
1990 - 1993
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