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CEO - North America

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Patrick Williams
Patrick Williams, based in New York, is Head of The Americas for The Marque. He is Managing Partner of Zeamo and most recently was a community builder at DailyWorth, Vetr.com and most notably Worth Magazine. His focus is to turn brands into a hubs for the passions of their audiences.

Previously, Patrick has held senior positions with Conde Nast, The Economist and The Financial Times. Qualified to build a community that continually engages, Patrick has gained extensive media experience in London and New York.

Patrick enjoys a challenge and has not only completed numerous marathons, triathlons, and long-distance swims, he has competed in the Marathon des Sables, famously known as the Toughest Footrace on Earth.

Patrick Williams’ Background

CEO - North America
Jun 2018 - Present
New York, US
Patrick is responsible for The Americas region of The Marque, a digital profile management business which manages your online presence - a self-electing, subscription-based community of leading business people from a broad range of sectors, interacting globally.
Managing Partner
Apr 2017 - Present
New York, US
Zeamo is The Global Gym Directory, with more than 20,000 gyms listed in the directory the team is now building out gym partners to drive ease of access for our international business and leisure travellers.
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Previous Non-Executive Positions

Chair of Board of Trustees
Sep 2009 - Jun 2016
New York, US
Established in 1999, The Epiphany School Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to enriching the spiritual and educational experience of each and every child enrolled at The Epiphany School.
Feb 2015 - Feb 2015
New York, US
Taught two classes on The Crowd and The Stock Market to Alex Pentland's class and David Shrier's class. The students were very engaged and interested in the subject. They asked well informed and intelligent questions. One class had 37 people registered and over 50 showed up. A small team of pupils are now analyzing data collected by Vetr.com.


Dec 2001 - Nov 2008
New York, US
The FCS is a society that strives to educate the Financial Services community on best practices in communicating to their audiences in the smartest and most succinct manner. I am proud to be a past President of this society. That not only continues to succeed in it's main mission but also donates a large part of it's revenues to three children's charities.

Patrick Williams’ Education

1984 - 1986
1979 - 1984