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Patricia’s News Archive

The News Archive for Patricia Turner

Patricia’s News Archive

The News Archive for Patricia Turner

Patricia Turner

Co-Founder & Director

Turner Kirk Trust
Cambridge, UK
11 Mar 2021 | Forbes

Solar PV Pilot Could Be A Game Changer For Rural Energy Poverty

Forbes Magazine mentions founders of the Turner Kirk Trust, Dr. Patricia Turner and Dr. Ewan Kirk, regarding their backing of the Light a Village Pilot. The Light a Village Pilot is a solar lighting project which aims to light an entire village. Dr. Ewan Kirk says: “Charities need financial support to trial, experiment, learn and adapt. It would be an even greater failure if we did not try at all.”

13 Feb 2020

The Kirk Global Challenge to fund undergraduate teams to develop inventive technology

Patricia Turner has been mentioned by the University of Cambridge in respect of the launch of the new student engineering competition to find original and innovative ideas, supported by a £20,000 donation from Patricia and her husband Ewan Kirk, through the Turner-Kirk Charitable Trust.

13 Dec 2019

Students to transform drone design in fight against climate change and poaching

Southampton University discusses its new scheme funded by the Turner-Kirk Charitable Trust. The scheme is led by students and is a research programme which will develop new unmanned aviation vehicles that fight back against climate change and poaching. Dr Patricia Turner, Director of the Turner-Kirk Charitable Trust, says: "Conservation and environmental degradation is one of the most important and urgent challenges that we face. It is critically important that universities and researchers have the funds at their disposal to find new, creative technology solutions to these urgent problems."


13 Nov 2019

"I believe that conserving biodiversity is not a luxury in our times but a survival imperative."...

...- Dr Patricia Turner In an interview with Cambridge University, Dr Patricia Turner discusses biodiversity, philanthropy and the new Turner Fellows programme. Dr Turner says "To be effective as a philanthropist and to make a significant impact, I believe you need to understand as fully as possible the areas in which you work, to take risks and to be prepared to fail, in order to develop the best way forward."