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Dr. Patricia Turner

Co-Founder & Director

Turner Kirk Trust

Cambridge, UK

Patricia Turner
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Patricia Turner’s Biography

Dr. Patricia Turner is a philanthropy practitioner and co-founder of the Turner Kirk Trust.

Established in 2007, the Turner Kirk Trust has distributed more than £7 million to conservation, early child development (ECD), academic research and international aid causes. Patricia is a firm believer that charitable giving should be underpinned by robust academic research, and it is this approach that has guided her work as Director of the Turner Kirk Trust. Under her co-leadership, the Trust has set standards for what constitutes effective, evidence-based giving.

In 2019, Patricia founded the Turner Research Fellowship at the Cambridge Conservation Initiative with a £250,000 gift, which brings world-class practitioners from academia, law, politics and NGOs to the University of Cambridge for a three-month research residency.

The Fellowship builds on a similar fellowship pioneered by Patricia in 2013 at the University of Oxford’s Department of Zoology; the Turner Kirk Fellowship Programme, which supported global research projects.

Prior to founding the Turner Kirk Trust, Patricia spent two decades in research focusing on behavioural sciences and ECD, which informed her view that philanthropic efforts in this space are one of the most beneficial and cost-effective investments in human capital.

Through the Trust, Patricia has been involved in initiatives at the intersection of poverty alleviation and child development including a global programme on catalysing action on the dietary challenges facing young children and mothers, and an initiative working to eliminate orphanage-based care systems in Africa.

Patricia’s academic expertise in this space also led to work with programmes for MicroLoan Foundation and the Charities Aid Foundation.

In recognition of her work in philanthropy, she was elected to the Vice-Chancellor's Inner Circles at both the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford.

Dr. Patricia Turner’s Newsfeed

Supporters Ewan Kirk and Patricia Turner back innovative pilot to light up rural Africa

Dr. Patricia Turner and Dr. Ewan Kirk are featured in an article written by SolarAid regarding their backing of the innovative solar lighting pilot, Light a Village, which aims to light up villages in Africa. Dr. Patricia Turner says: “A lack of reliable and safe electricity is both a cause and outcome of extreme poverty. In addition to that, protecting the environment and climate is one of the biggest challenges facing us all today. With solar, we can both increase the use of renewable sources of energy as well as provide families with a reliable and constant source of light.”

PV Magazine
Entire village in Malawi to receive solar in pilot project

The Turner Kirk Trust is mentioned in an article by PV Magzine regarding the solar lighting project, Light a Village, which the trust helped fund.

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Dr. Patricia Turner’s Background

Turner Kirk Trust
Co-Founder & Director
2007 - Present
Cambridge, UK
The Turner Kirk Trust is a multi-million-pound trust which supports conservation, early child development, academic research, and international aid causes in the UK and developing world. It has dispersed over £7 million and is one of the largest private funders of fundamental mathematics research in the UK.

Board Positions

Cambridge Conservation Initiative
Member of the Advisory Board
Oct 2021 - Present
Cambridge, UK
The Cambridge Conservation Initiative is a unique partnership between the renowned University of Cambridge and nine leading global biodiversity conservation organisations, all of which are located in and around Cambridge, United Kingdom.


Charities Aid Foundation
Philanthropy Researcher
Jan 2014 - Dec 2014
West Malling, UK
Founded in 1974, the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) is a world-renowned organisation that supports and assists charities, businesses and donors in the UK and abroad.


The Vice-Chancellor’s Circle, Oxford University
Oxford, UK
The Vice-Chancellor’s Circle at the University of Oxford is made up of individuals, foundations recognised for their ongoing support to the University's work.
The Vice-Chancellor’s Circle, Cambridge University
Cambridge, UK
Established in 2007 as part of the Cambridge 800th Anniversary Campaign, the Vice-Chancellor’s Circle at the University of Cambridge is made up of individuals that continue to support specific programmes and projects that help the university have a greater impact.

Academic Appointments

University of Cambridge Clinical School
Research Fellow
1994 - 1997
Cambridge, UK
Established in 1842, the University of Cambridge Clinical School researches and develops technologies and treatments for a diverse range of medical conditions such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and early child development.
Darwin College, Cambridge University
Research Fellow
1990 - 1993
Cambridge, UK
Founded in 1964, Darwin College is a constituent college of the University of Cambridge. It was the first college at the University to admit both men and women as well as being the University’s first graduate-only college. The College appoints 20 research fellows per year.
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Dr. Patricia Turner’s Education

Queen's College, University of Cambridge
PhD, Child Development.
1983 - 1989
Nottingham University
BSc (Hons) Zoology, 1st Class
1979 - 1982

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