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Mortimer’s News Archive

The News Archive for Mortimer Singer

Mortimer’s News Archive

The News Archive for Mortimer Singer

Mortimer Singer

President and CEO

New York, US
23 Sep 2018 | Forbes

Uptown/Downtown: The Changing Landscape Of Luxury In New York City

Mortimer Singer, president and chief executive of Marvin Traub Associates, a business development and strategic consultancy firm, puts it more tersely. “These stores are monoliths or temples to luxury. They are sterile. I don’t feel attracted to walk in because while they look beautiful on the outside, there is no impulse or curiosity or cultural convergence that cries, ‘Wow! Look at this.’”

31 May 2018 | WWD

Retail Brands Benefiting From Blockchain

Mortimer Singer, chief executive officer of Traub, and his team at the firm believe the time to adopt blockchain in retail is now. “Taking a proactive approach to blockchain implementation presents the retail industry with an opportunity to change the narrative from retail apocalypse to retail innovation,” Singer noted. 

28 May 2018 | Adweek

The Cult of Peloton: Reinventing the Fitness Industry, and Becoming a Microcultural Phenomenon

“The name of the game is convergence—across all areas of the industry, of consumer land, the convergence among different elements of the industry,” says Mortimer Singer, CEO of Traub, a business development and strategy consulting firm. “Those who know how to mix media and disciplines—it’s there where the alchemy is made.”

16 Apr 2018 Partners with Global Consumer and Retail Advisor Marvin Traub Associates

Shopin, the first universal shopper profile that delivers the most personal shopping experience on retailer websites, apps, and stores using blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, today announced a partnership with TRAUB, a global consumer and retail corporate and business development firm...TRAUB's CEO Mortimer Singer and Senior Associate Michael Boord will join the Shopin Board of Advisors.

20 Mar 2018

What Phlur’s latest investment round says about the future of fragrance

“Increasingly, all the different elements of our industry are converging in the center, and everyone’s playing in the same sandbox,” said Mortimer Singer, the president of Marvin Traub Associates, a business development company that’s worked with brands like Bloomingdale’s and Oscar de la Renta. “The smart companies are playing from all sides, and the idea that you have to pick a lane is a very old-school way of thinking.”

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