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Mike Butler


Mike is UK Ambassador and passionate in his support for Mellon Educate, the Irish-based African development charity that has built homes for 125,000 homeless people in South Africa’s poorest townships, and is now focussed on educating 100,000 children through building schools and driving the pass rate to exceed 70%. This has been made possible by the joint effort of over 25,000 volunteers and the South African Government.

Mike Butler is also Co-founder and Managing Director of McDonald Butler Associates, the B2B marketing agency that specialises in the IT and technology sector.

Mike Butler’s Newsfeed

19 Apr 2017
The South African Chamber Business Awards Winners 2017

The winners of SA Business Awards for 2017 for Promotion of Development of South Africa Award were Mike Butler, Mellon Educate ...

Mike Butler’s Background

Jan 2015 - Present
Involved in building a school in Africa in 7 Days for Mellon Educate because we will help educate 100,000 children - 5th-12th November 2016.
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Jan 2004 - Present
London, UK
A strategic B2B sales and marketing agency specialising in the IT and technology sector.
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