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Michael Jary

OC&C Strategy Consultants

London, UK

Senior Partner

OC&C Strategy Consultants

Michael Jary
Senior Partner, formerly Worldwide Managing Partner and a co-founder at OC&C Strategy Consultants, which now numbers 14 offices around the globe.

In addition to his role at OC&C, Michael holds board-level positions in a number of other businesses and social enterprises.

Michael is a non-executive director at Barclays Bank UK plc. He is the Non-Executive Chair of Itad, a leading consultancy in international development. He is Chair of the board of trustees at The Fairtrade Foundation, Chairman of Duchy Originals and Chairman of the Commercial Committee of The Prince of Wales's Charitable Foundation.

He is a regular speaker and writer, and a guest lecturer in marketing at INSEAD.

Michael Jary’s Newsfeed

23 Feb 2018
Retail Week
Follow Nike’s lead and remodel the brand/retailer deal

It’s time to rethink the economic partnerships between retailers and brands and reward stores for their role in sales, no matter in which channel transactions are made, says Michael Jary.

25 Jan 2018
Retail Week
Retail Week Live: Is it time for a discounting detox?

Michael Jary, partner at strategy consultancy OC&C, agrees and believes that segmentation is vital when offering customers deals. “A lot of promotional activity is consumed by retailers’ least profitable customers. Retailers are throwing losses after losses on these customers,” he explains.

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Michael Jary’s Background

Senior Partner
Jan 1987 - Present
Global management consultancy that achieves lasting improvements in strategic performance and to maximise long-term growth.
Non-Executive Chair
2016 - Present
Hove, UK
Itad is a leading consultancy in international development.
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Other Business Interests

Barclays Bank plc logo Barclays Bank plc logo
Barclays Bank plc
Board Member, Barclays Bank UK plc
Nov 2017 - Present
London, UK
Barclays' soon-to-be-launched stand-alone ring-fenced retail bank.
Chair of the Board of Trustees
Aug 2013 - Present
London, UK
Fairtrade is a global movement with a strong and active presence in the UK, represented by the Fairtrade Foundation. It is a movement for change that works directly with businesses, consumers and campaigners to make trade deliver for farmers and workers.
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Michael Jary’s Education

Post Graduate Diploma with Distinction, History of Asian Art
2008 - 2008
MBA with Distinction
1989 - 1989
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