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Michael Burleigh

Founder and CEO

Sea Change Partners

London, UK

Michael Burleigh
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Michael Burleigh’s Biography

Michael Burleigh is a historian and commentator. His books include the best-selling The Third Reich: A New History; Small Wars, Far Away Places: The Genesis of the Modern World 1945–65, which was long-listed for the 2014 Samuel Johnson Prize which he won in 2001, and The Best of Times, The Worst of Times: A History of Now. His latest book, Populism: Before and After the Pandemic was published in February 2021. In May 2021 his book Day of The Assassins: A History of Political Murder will be published.

He has also been active in bringing history to television audiences and won the British Film Institute Award for Archival Achievement. He writes regularly for the The Times, Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday on international affairs.

A Professor of Modern History, Michael was the first appointed Engelsberg Chair in History and International Relations at LSE IDEAS, an annual distinguished visiting professorship, delivering public lectures to LSE's foreign policy think tank.

Michael Burleigh’s Newsfeed

New Statesman
Populism in the pandemic age

Michael Burleigh is a British historian and recently the inaugural Engelsberg Chair in History and International Affairs at the London School of Economics. From his lectures in that post, Burleigh has composed Populism: Before and After the Pandemic. 

Populism by Michael Burleigh review — will Covid-19 finally kill off the populist moment?

Michael Burleigh's new book, Populism: Before and After the Pandemic, is reviewed in The Times.

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Michael Burleigh’s Background

Sea Change Partners logo Sea Change Partners logo
Sea Change Partners
Founder and CEO
May 2012 - Present
Michael runs Sea Change Partners, a pure political risk service that advises on major global trends as well as elections, parties, referenda etc. and not on terrorism. The company does not do due diligence or security work.


Day of the Assassins: A History of Political Murder
May 2021
In Day of the Assassins, Michael Burleigh explores the many facets of political assassination, explaining the role of historical precedent, why it is more frequent in certain types of society than others and asking if assassination can either bring about change, or prevent it, and whether, like a contagious disease, political murder can be catching.
Populism: Before and After the Pandemic
Feb 2021
Drawing on his Engelsberg Lectures, Michael Burleigh explores the new global era of national populism and how elites, autocrats and legacies of empire are driving the present ‘age of anger’.
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Academic Appointments

London School of Economics IDEAS
Engelsberg Chair of History and International Relations
2019 - 2020
London, UK
The Engelsberg Chair is an annual distinguished visiting professorship for leading Swedish & global scholars who will give public lectures on topics of their choice. The annual post gives LSE IDEAS the opportunity to bring renowned academics to the School for a year of research & discussion.

Michael Burleigh’s Education

University College London
BA First Class Honours Modern History; PhD 1982
1974 - 1977