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Marc’s News Archive

The News Archive for Marc Lipschultz

Marc Lipschultz


Blue Owl Capital Inc.
New York, NY, USA
30 Jun 2022 | Financial Times

Megadeals buoy global M&A despite pullback from record 2021

Co-Founder of Blue Owl Capital, Marc Lipschultz comments on recent trends in private-lending finance amidst 2022's dealmaking boom in the mergers and acquisitions market. 

8 Jun 2022 | Wall Street Journal

Private Equity Turns to Direct Lenders as Leveraged Loans Dry Up

Private-lending companies such as Blue Owl Capital are perfectly positioned to absorb market share from conventional financers. Co-President Marc Lipschultz comments on the current shift in the market.

2 May 2022

Blue Owl Capital Launches Owl Rock Technology Income Corporation and Breaks Escrow with $534 Million

Blue Owl Capital has announced the launch of Owl Rock Technology Income Corporation.

1 Apr 2022 | CNBC

Jim Cramer interviews Blue Owl co-president Marc Lipschultz

In his first "Executive Decision" segment, Jim Cramer welcomed Marc Lipschultz to discuss how Blue Owl Capital is ‘uniquely durable’ in any economic environment, among other topics.

18 Oct 2021

Blue Owl Capital Announces Agreement to Acquire Oak Street Real Estate Capital

Blue Owl Capital has entered into a merger agreement with Oak Street Real Estate Capital, and it will complete the acquisition by the end of 2021.

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