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The News Archive for Marc Lipschultz

Marc’s News Archive

The News Archive for Marc Lipschultz

Marc Lipschultz

Co-Founder & Co-Chief Executive Officer

Blue Owl Capital Inc.
New York, NY, USA
13 Feb 2023 | Bloomberg

Blue Owl's Lipschultz on Private Credit Market

Blue Owl Capital co-founder Marc Lipschultz discusses the state of the private credit market on "Bloomberg Markets."

4 Nov 2022 | Bloomberg

Blue Owl's Lipschultz on Private Credit, Hiring, Growth

"We are seeing, in our private credit world, the best risk-return opportunities we've seen since the inception of our business," Blue Owl's co-founder Marc Lipschultz says. Speaking on "Bloomberg Markets: The Close," Lipschultz also discusses the company's hiring plans and growth opportunities.

11 Oct 2022 | Reuters

A private lender eats buyout bankers’ lunch: podcast

In this episode of the Exchange podcast, Blue Owl co-founder Marc Lipschultz explains how private credit has muscled in on investment bankers’ home turf.

30 Jun 2022 | Financial Times

Megadeals buoy global M&A despite pullback from record 2021

Co-Founder of Blue Owl Capital, Marc Lipschultz comments on recent trends in private-lending finance amidst 2022's dealmaking boom in the mergers and acquisitions market. 

8 Jun 2022 | Wall Street Journal

Private Equity Turns to Direct Lenders as Leveraged Loans Dry Up

Private-lending companies such as Blue Owl Capital are perfectly positioned to absorb market share from conventional financers. Co-President Marc Lipschultz comments on the current shift in the market.

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