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Juliet’s News Archive

The News Archive for Juliet Scott-Croxford

Juliet’s News Archive

The News Archive for Juliet Scott-Croxford

Juliet Scott-Croxford


Brompton Bicycle
New York, NY, USA
23 Feb 2022 |

Brompton Bicycle Launches Reinvented Flagship Models, Signals Innovation Ahead

Brompton Bicycle has launched new redesigned bicycle models for 2022 including light-weight and electric lines.

10 Feb 2022 | Yahoo! Finance

Bicycle industry ‘as a whole is going electric,’ Brompton North America president says

Juliet Scott-Croxford, in an interview for Yahoo! Finance, discusses how Brompton has managed to demand for bicycles during the pandemic, as well as the shift in focus to electric bicycles.

17 Sep 2021 | PR Newswire

Brompton Bicycle Sees Dramatic Growth in US Market Amid Omnichannel Strategy

Juliet Scott-Croxford has been named Brompton Bicycle's President of North America to stimulate the company's growth and to build a new team for the business. 

17 Nov 2020 | PR Newswire

Worth Media Expands Into Book Publishing via Strategic Partnership with Forefront Books

Worth Media announces the company's expansion into book publishing through a joint venture with Forefront Books. The imprint, Worth Books, will create a solution for entrepreneurs and leaders in the financial, health and business marketplace who desire to publish a book but have not previously had an outlet to do so. Forefront's Associate Publisher Justin Batt will serve at the helm of the imprint along with Juliet Scott-Croxford, Worth Media's CEO.

22 Oct 2020 | Worth

How Personal and Corporate Transformation Can Help Reverse Climate Change

On November 12th, Juliet Scott-Croxford, CEO of Worth, will moderate a talk with Kathleen Entwistle, Private Wealth Advisor, Morgan Stanley PWM, for Worth's The Next Normal series. Juliet and Kathleen will discuss Beyond Zero, a documentary focused on what it would take to inspire business leaders to implement practices that could help put a stop to climate change. 


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