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Jordan’s News Archive

The News Archive for Jordan Greenaway

Jordan’s News Archive

The News Archive for Jordan Greenaway

Jordan Greenaway

Managing Director

Transmission Private
London, UK
19 Feb 2020 | Spear's Magazine

Why HNW families need their own website

Jordan Greenaway of Transmission Private writes "In 1799, America’s first president was worried. He was concerned his countrymen had not fully recognised the risk Napoleon – at the time waging war in Europe and Africa – presented to America if he turned his attention westward."

26 Nov 2019

If families want to protect their privacy, they must share more information

The family office community is infamously private. This is, of course, fair and justified. Families and their family offices are private entities, with the right to not have their business and personal affairs pored over by the public, competitors and others. But, too often, families believe the best way to protect their personal privacy is through extreme secrecy. In fact, the opposite is the case. We should all recognise this ourselves... Jordan Greenaway is Managing Director of Transmission Private

17 Oct 2019

Could succession damage a family's name?

Jordan Greenaway, Managing Director of Transmission Private, writes, " Succession keeps families up at night. Families spend a lot of time preparing for succession. And rightly so. Transition events are the most complicated, stressful and emotional moments in a family's life..."

31 May 2019 | Management Today

We can't let success become a dirty word

Jordan Greenaway, Managing Director of Transmission Private writes, "The publication of The Sunday Times Rich List a few weeks ago was greeted with a familiar outcry. It's unfair. Capitalism is broken. How can so few people have so much wealth while others have so little? Cue Jeremy Corbyn: it was a "stark reminder of the grotesque inequality that scars our society"...

23 Jan 2019 | Business Insider

Private Client Adviser and Media Specialist Joins the FINCA UK Board of Directors

Founder of Transmission Private, Jordan Greenaway said, "I am delighted to join the Board of FINCA UK. FINCA International does incredible work to support low-income entrepreneurs in the developing world. I strongly believe that the UK has a duty to play a positive, impactful role in the world, and supporting market-based interventions to find sustainable, long-term solutions to poverty is the best way to do it."

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